Special deal on fatshark goggles/cam

says a pair of fatshark transporters and a camera/transmitter for $115. this seems way too good to be true. opinions?

Poor resolution and 1.3Ghz…this is not a good deal.

And no add ins for aftermarket rx. HK is doing a “warehouse sell off” so I guess that’s why it’s so cheap. 1.3 would be good for long range tho— long range micro :joy: love to see that!

"Field Of View: 25°diagonal"
…this is worse than EV100!

I know… but I got to believe it’s a typo and more like 125Degrees, or else I’d refer to it as a “Path of View”…

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It’s also worth noting that 1.3ghz is squarely in an amateur radio frequency range. Not a semi-open ISM range like 2.4 and 5.8.

That means you need a licence for multiple reasons (1 being operating equipment that doesn’t have a licence, as with any fpv stuff I’ve seen, and 2 being you specifically need a licence to transmit in that band), and that you have to follow the full amateur radio ruleset.
This includes broadcasting your callsign at the beginning of every transmission, duty cycle limits, and a variety of other things.

Unlike 2.4/5.8 when you infringe on someone in 1.3 it’ll be someone who has a right to be there, has the equipment to track your transmissions down to you, and knows the proper phone number to turn you over to the FCC.
Oh and has the ARRL number and membership, making it easy to aim their lawyers down your throat too.

Bonus points for the low end of the 1.3ghz range infringing on very much restricted emergency communication channels that even an amateur radio licence doesn’t make legal.

Short version: stay out of 1.3ghz.


Short version: Avoid that thing.
Long version: Started with teleporters - for what they are, they are a waste of money. You are probably better of with some cheap box style goggles - and this one isn’t even 5.8ghz, rendering it pretty useless. It would maybe be worth considering if it was like 30 USD such that DIYing it to 5.8ghz would be an option.


An option for box goggles if you want FS could be their transformer pair.

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Whenever there will be 125° FOV availabe - I’LL BE IN!!! :yum: (that would be a hammer!)

Since i still only have my ROTG01 i hope for the transformer in the future. Removable display, binocular viewer, ‘dual antennas’(diversity?) adjustable IPD and focus(ok - ‘distance’) and a decent price for what you get…
At this time my choice!