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K so I’m pretty new to this, don’t know much about quads and their terminology so explanations would be appreciated. Also have no clue if I’m even supposed to be making this a topic, but I just wanted to know if the silverware was reverse engineered, or it was pulled from the quad before it was flashed. Thnx in advance.



The Silverware source code was not pulled from any quadcopter and I wouldn’t say it was reversed engineered, really, because it isn’t trying to mimic any quadcopter control firmware in particular.

Silverware was written from scratch by user silverxxx (with other contributers later) as a replacement for the stock firmwares that come with several different copters. It adds features that most of these toy quadcopters don’t ship with and allows customization and experimentation, too. It is an original piece of work.

Does that answer your question?



Yes, but it isn’t the answer I was hoping for. I have (apart from my e011) a vivitar drc-120 and want to get it into acro mode, but I can’t find anything for it so I wanted to know if I would be able to pull it’s code off the board and mod it myself.



(Un)fortunately it doesn’t work that way. Code gets turned into a binary format that a specific processor architecture understands (ARM F0 in case of Silverware). That’s called compiling and it’s pretty much a one-way process. There is a process called decompiling which goes the other way around, but it’s much less straightforward and you would need to invest a lot of time to get something that is effectively the same code that was originally compiled, but much less human readable (since a lot of information like variable and function names get completely lost in the process of compiling as computers couldn’t care less about what we call things and it would just waste their memory) and you would have to really know what you’re doing to even begin to find things to modify. And that’s assuming you would even be able to read the other copter’s flash and rewrite it without hardware modifications. It would most certainly take you much less effort to earn money to buy a different flight controller that can be flashed with open source firmware and mod your other copter to use that.



so i kind of dont have the money or the support (my parents are the type of parents who say no bec they can) so i was hoping that i could flash my quad (the vivitar drc-120 which is my personal one as aposed to the school club im running with the e011c’s) and try to get it working again. thanks anyway (btw the drc-120 has nothing about it online, not even replacement parts)



I’d just get the cheapest silverware flashable board you can and fit it into the quad you have.