Sonar not working, Naze32 Rev 6 v2.0.2


Hey guys

I’m trying to get the HC-SR04 sonar to work on Naze 32 Rev 6, running the latest v2.0.2 software, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m connecting the echo and trigger to the pads on the back of the Naze (supposedly has built in resistors). The Naze is getting 3.7V from a battery; the voltage is supposedly outside of the voltage range of the sonar, so to eliminate a source of problem, a steady 5v is supplied from my arduino.

In clean flight, the sonar mode is turned on. The sonar status icon on top does not light up; no signals are coming through in the sensor’s tab.

I can’t figure out why it’s not working, so I hope someone on here has the answer.

Thanks in advance lads!



@agatefirmament: I suspect you’re not going to get any response about hooking up sonar on this micro-quad forum. Most people here fly tiny quads in full manual (acro) mode, without any self-leveling or other extra sensor help.

I would recommend that you find the Naze32 thread over on Or, even better, find a dedicated sonar thread. Both would be in the Multirotor Electronics sub-forum. Good luck!


Thanks Brainstorm! Will do.


@agatefirmament PS: Another good place to get help with autopilot type features and components would be Don’t visit there enough to point you to the right forum. But I’m sure a search for Naze32 and sonar will yield some results there. :smiley: