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SOLVED: Charging NiMN batteries with B6 Mini (knockoff)


Charging multi-cell batteries is an area I have a bit of trouble wrapping my head around. I understand the principle having watched so many videos, and I am working with 1S lipos, which are pretty straightforward.

Now I am looking to purchase a 2000mAh 7.2v NiMH Battery or similar battery for my transmitter and I am lost again on how to charge it with my current set-up. Apparently, there is an adapter needed to do so…

This is only available through Aloft Hobbies which requires a minimum order amount more than the $1.75 for it and I do not have the components and skill to make my own.

Can the batteries be charged via the balance plug alone (a similar question I asked for a recent cable provided with my QX-105 and bending an answer) or will I need the adapter?


I have a different but similar charger and it refuses to charge via the balance plug alone. I made an adapter cable to charge my QX 7 NiMH battery pack. I chose to splice together a 2S balance connector with a set of banana plugs to plug in the main charging port of my charger.



It turned out that Aloft Hobbies had a battery and charge cable combo for a 2600 for less than $20 , so I killed two birds with one stone.


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