Soldering noob... what did I ruin?

So I got to work today on soldering my new camera on my whoop. Originally had some jst 1.25 connectors so I could take it off. Everything looked nice and worked great.
Well there was too much wire and crud so I undid my work and soldered directly. Great, except the ground connection was being painful. I couldn’t get the solder to melt to get the wire through the hole. I applied direct heat to the area over 5 seconds multiple times. Eventually got it all connected. Well I fired it up and on the screen towards the top there’s a black bar, the osd shows but is distorted, and the coloring is off. Seems to fly fine tho. Did I ruin the fc, the camera, both… or did I just cross a wire and haven’t noticed yet?? I’ve had little time at all to work on it so I’ll hear what y’all have to say and get to it in a few days. Just hope my shorty soldering skills don’t cost me too much $$$

Sounds like it could be a problem with the OSD chip. Check the chip for any resoldered connections or damage.

You could also desolder the video in and video out wires from the FC and solder or clip then to each other to check if it’s the OSD chip.

Your ground connection could also be loose.

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The description sounds kinda like channel between the vtx and goggles may be off slightly, by one. If it’s distorted and stuff like that. Do you have dvr? That’ll help a lot.

@MidnightQuads the connection was fine at the start. the led on the vtx reads B1 and the goggles are on B1. With DVR. Everything was good round one on that channel. Round two with the difficult solder job and same channel, Black line… distorted image…

Hmmmm, alright. @Imozeb probably has it right with the osd chip. But, it could also be something on the camera itself. Any shorts/bridges that you can see?

@MidnightQuads will check tonight. where would be the most likely culprit?
And the OSD chip… would that basically mean that its trash if theres an issue there? I have no idea where it is on the betafpv board… I could figure that out I suppose. I hope that when I de solder the vtx and cam wire and connect off the board the camera is fine… as I would be fine timing my flights. OSD is just a nice comfort feature

Are you really, really sure you’re on the same band and channel between vtx and goggles?
I highly recommend setting both to A1 and checking that the antennae are still attached before you dive in too deep.
I speak from embarrassing experience here :smiley:

@Bobnova Thanks, I will make sure later today. it shouldnt have changed, but that would be really nice. Its just such a different distortion than I have ever had from wrong band… I really think I messed something up…

Also, it doesn’t hurt to cycle through all the channels on your googles (all combinations of letters and numbers). I got a cheapo 25mW cam and the channels did not match what was in the manual or the LCD display.

interesting. Will cycle through em when I get back. I would be extremely surprised, and happy if that were the case.

Heres a good question, can applying heat to a fc board or any electronic board like this for longer periods of time do any damage? like 10 seconds of a solder tip. I am still learning soldering basic do’s and don’ts. @Benedikt, soldering tips would be good for the fpv class!

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Most if not all of these FC are made in a factory where they are heated to high temperatures and automatically soldered using solder paste. But yes, heating one section up for too long can cause the heat to transfer to other solder joints, possibly desoldering them, which will cause your FC to behave funny or stop working.

A good rule of thumb for solder tips is to use the largest tip that will fit in the space you are working. This allows for the greatest heat transfer so you don’t have to hold the tip to the FC too long and possibly desolder stuff you don’t want to.

Well, got it “figured out.” Its the osd chip. Crossing the vtc/cam wires gives me a nice crisp picture.

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