Soldering motor to board question

The below board is an AIO F3 Evo FC for an Eachine QX-105 Bat.

I pulled the 1mm sockets off of a blown board, the posts inside were soldered to the two small pads next to the letter M and two metal plates inside the socket to the large pad and I am curious, could a motor be soldered to the pads on either side of the 2 and still get power?

I’m planning on giving it a try tomorrow but wanted to pick your brains before hand.

Short answer, no. The outer pads are mechanical connections with no electrical purpose, if anything they may connect to GND. Sockets with this type of fitting are much more robust.

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It took some force to remove them, far more than what would have been employed when replacing motors. Sucks that it’s 1mm instead of 1.25.