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"so you just spin it then?"


Ive just discovered fidget spinners…
i think a few OCD/ADD friends of mine on the forum may benefit from these naturally calming devices.
I have found that i am pacified by spinning one in my hand when I’m not building or flying.:relieved:

This is the best site I’ve found for high quality affordable ones.

off topic…?

a bit,
yet i have been told by more than one “veteran member” that many of us on here share some sort of “brain over-seeking stimulus issue”

working on quads and flying these past two years has changed my mind state.
it has calmed and almost centered my thoughts.
Im always thinking of the current build or the next flight session.
unfortunately i can’t be at the bench or on the sticks at all times.
I found that just spinning this little piece of metal helps somehow and i wanted to share.



LOL, @tronaton! I’ve obstinately been resisting these fidget spinners! Originally became aware of them when FloRotors, who makes nice brushless frames, started selling them. If something’s hotter than FPV racing quads, you know it’s gotta be good. :wink:

My son has picked up a few of the spinners (and some fidget cubes, too). First plastic ones. Then nice metal ones like the one you pictured. Kids are supposedly allowed to use them in class to help them focus, provided they spin quietly. However, I have yet to read any article detailing medical research to verify benefits for attention in ADD individuals.

There is definitely something satisfying about the whirring noise of the spinning ball bearings! I was just pointing out to my son tonight, while we were trying to read a book and he was using the spinner, that the whirring reminded me of a (light) train rolling down the tracks. It’s the same metal-on-metal rolling noise.


Thanks for sharing. I know I can definitely admit I compulsively check this forum and the lounge for more information. It’s almost an addiction, constantly looking for more information to absorb and things to tinker with, wondering about the next flight, thinking about how the last flight went … not a bad addiction IMO tho lol

Thanks for sharing the spinners… whenever I’m not so broke I may try to get one of those to give me something different to do. Maybe I can go sit outside and just quietly spin vs ripping air with props some days… sounds relaxing, and calm which is totally something I could use more of in my life!

Edit: like the colors of the one u posted btw . Cool color combo


héhé !
I have also fallen into this spinner mania and I have 2 pcs shipped in my last banggood package :smiley:
I will tell you how it goes when received !

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