So this is how I adjust PIDs and the ACC while I'm in the air

I explain this a lot via text but figured a video would clear it up. This is why I constantly push people to try adjustable PIDs!


Holy Cow @Complacent1 I see how you like the Taranis. Love those sliders on the side!

@Complacent1 I am flat out just holding onto my TX so I don’t drop it and there you are adjusting your PID’s on the fly :slight_smile: Nice work man

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This only works when standing with a strap or TX in my lap. Otherwise I’m holding onto the TX for dear life as well.

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@complacent1 could you explain me/us hop to set that up for example with cleanflught and a scisky fc? Would be awesome :wink:

Unfortunately Cleanflight doesn’t inherently have the ability to adjust PID variables in this manner. It does however have a less intuitive way to do it with switches and knobs. Less control this way but its doable. I’ve been thinking about doing adjustable Level P on the Scisky. In my opinion adjustable pitch/roll P and D on Cleanflight isn’t worth it. You’re better off using good static PIDs, but Level P might be worth it.

I’m out of town right now but when I get back if I get around to messing with it I’ll post info on the procedure.

Here is a video I did a while back where I setup adjustable rates via cleanflight. The procedure would be similar so this would give you an idea what you can do with Cleanflight.


If anyone tries to setup adjustments using my video above please note the YouTube comment on the video from the creator of Cleanflight. He made a great correction to my method: