So... Did Santa Bring You Any Kwad Goodies?

He filled my stocking with some Whooptastic gifts :smiley: Just finished up doing a build. Now it’s time to charge up some packs and do some flying!!


Merry Xmas ! and nice Whoop man !

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Good stuff there! You’ve been a good boy this year :slight_smile:

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Thanks fellas! It’s a fun little Whoop. I’m having a blast with it today.

Where did you get the coloured frame. LOOKS AWESOME!!!

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Thanks! It’s a BetaFPV Evil sleek frame and canopy. They have a few different designs available on their website.

Got started on the Rakon build this evening, and got a late Christmas surprise when the mail lady knocked on the door :slight_smile: Let the fun begin!


Do u live in the states? I am not able to buy these from my country. (Canada)

Also, would you be able to post a flight footage of it?

Yep, I’m in the states in Michigan. There should be some sellers on eBay that will ship B03’s to you in Canada. I’ll get some footage and post it as soon as I get a chance.

I am not able to add my shipping information for some reason on ebay. When ever i go on “buy now” it sends me to a place where i have to add in my shipping addres. When I click in Canada as my country, the page reloads and just refreshes to USA as my country. How should I fix that?

Edit: I was able to fix this issue.

The seller cannot ship to my country unfortunatly, I want to buy more FCs. Ugh

The next time I put in an order I can add a couple extras for you if you’d like. I don’t mind shipping them to you. First Class International Shipping from Michigan to Canada is actually pretty reasonable compared to shipping overseas.

Wow. Thank you very much!! I appreciate it alot!

Though could you please tell me the next time you get boards so I can give information.

Again thank you very much. :slight_smile:

No problem. I’ll be sure to message you before I place my next order.