SnApPy DrAgOn FLiGhTs


Welcome to the flight deck!
I will be sharing my flying adventure videos here!
Buckle up and feel loved my fellow pilots!

The ever loved yet discontinued Nihui u807 brothers rippin’ it LOS styles will be kickin’ off the party!
One is a stock u807 the other is the “tomcat”,
a (u807 board, 8.5mm motors, u807 props, x5c body)
Both run 1s 750mah nanotech (ninja-tec) batts.

Please set to HD:


That spot is fantastic!
Very cool!


cool to see an oldskool kinda build and LOS flying, a welcome change from all the FPV videos! Refreshing! :+1:


thanks JB its great to be here.
Ill get a bit “brushed” up on my acro LOS and share more soon buddy.


I liked the way you played with the environment and objects, haven’t seen that in LOS flying much. It’s usually just acro in an open field. The gap under the bridge was ballsy! :+1:


@ThE_SnApPy_DrAgOn Love it! All of it! :heart_eyes:

Nice spot to “walk the dog.” Or should that be “hike with the dog?” Really appreciate that it’s LOS with a classic geared brushed quad, and with more than the usual acro tricks. Those post-flip hand catches were pretty cool, too. Beautiful flying and edit, which reminded me of the mythical style of @tronaton. :grin:

Also brings back memories of when I was learning to “walk the dog” with my Warpquad, just calmly flying around the palm trees and bushes, back when we were living in West Africa. Good times! :smiley:


thanks so much for seeing the art in this guys. it means the world to share.