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Smart Audio Woes


Been messing with a 3D printed frame running 8.5mm motors on a BetaFPV F3 board with OSD and built in Frsky. For the camera I purchased an AKK AIO-SA. After hours of problems trying to get smart-audio to even work I realized there were special branches of BF that I needed to flash. Anyway, maybe I dont understand the limitations but it seems like changing the channel via OSD causes issues. If I change the channel for example, my goggles go snowy as expected. However, if I reboot/power off the FC and cam/VTX the channel I last set sticks as the goggles still work however going back into the Smart Audio menu shows an empty submenu with nothing to select. The only way I’ve found to kick it out of this is to go info BF cli and change the channel via set vtx_channel = whatever. I can’t really use something when I can’t explain why certain things happen. Anyone expert at this that can chime in here please?