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Slugglish motor after crash?


after crashing from about 5-6ft onto hardwood floors, one of my motors stopped working as it did before.

It has a hard time starting after a rest period. If I give that motor a hand spin it comes back to life with a little power applied, sometimes I can wake it again by increasing yaw to high to that side of the quad and it will jump to attention as well. once it is up and running the quad flies continuously for a whole battery pack. It is only after a rest period, say a few hours or overnight that it goes into a semi-coma.

the motor does not run any hotter than the other 3 although it doesn’t quite stay spinning as long as the others, it might feel a tad stiffer by hand but not much and obviously not enough to cause odd flight behavior.

Directly after the crash I remember smelling a faint burning electronics smell or something, there was no smoke.

guess it might be time for some new motors just to be safe I don’t want to lose any flight time.



That smell was the brushes blackening a bit in there. Gonna be time for a new one real soon!



You can confirm this by sniffing the bottom of the motor. That smell usually sticks around for a little while.

If it doesn’t smell and you think the brushes might be okay look for the thread that was posted yesterday about reviving a stiff motor.



crap, another crash and now the opposite side is dead. no waking that one up even with the revival method. wow, order is now on its way to me for new motors. I should always have spares on hand, dammit.

what about a trade system for used orphan motors that still have life left on em.

the two good motors I have left have maybe 20-30 packs through them at the most.



@williwoods what I do, is replace the 4 motors and keep the two good motors in a baggie labeled ‘old working mmw motors’.

Then if I damage one of the new ones a couple of hours in, I replace it with one of the old working ones. Seems to work ok. A bit of a balancing act :slightly_smiling: