Skyzone SKY03O OLED.... impressed and very disappointed (dust in OLED)! :(

After buying one on Banggood sale for 379.99 USD, I must say that I am pretty impressed and in the same time also deeply disappointed :frowning:

The fact is - OLED displays and screens and image on them are stunning! Even with my broken, messed 9USD AIOs I am using, image looks so bright, intense and colorful…

But the one I’ve got have some issues - and here are list of them :frowning:

  • Strap: I don’t have large head. Not even close to that… But strap, even stretched to maximum size, is still to small and too tight!? I noticed that , on battery side, it is sewn somehow messy - I don’t know is this normal or some mistake that shortened it… But, I can live with that.
  • I am also thinking that my face shape is normal - but both faceplates and both sponges are not fit to my face. There is still some light leakage with both plates… But I can live with that too…
  • IPD - fits my needs but, for some reason, with any setting I set, I can’t focus screens 100% !? And with my old LCD Skyzone SKY01-V2 it was not the case… Strange.

But the real problems are glares and dust inside optics and OLEDs! I see some reflections and glares and kind of “lens flares” inside glasses - especially in high contrast situations - then you can se sort of “double image” - actually image reflection from something inside (glass, diopters… have no clue what)!? This is especially visible on startup screen and other situations with high contrast!

And the most annoying problem - SMALL DUST PARTICLE IN LEFT OLED SCREEN! Well that is really ***** :frowning_face:

All in all, I am very disappointed regarding glares and dust in OLED. I can live with other problems if that can be somehow solved… :frowning:

If anybody maybe have similar glares and dust problems and know how to fix them, please give me some tips because sending goggles back from Croatia to China is half of the price of goggles so that is out of question :frowning:

First off, congrats on the huge upgrade! But damn that would be frustrating. Have you actually contacted them to ask if they can give you a partial refund instead? Sucks that you cannot send it back easily. It seems that postage out of china is so much cheaper than going the other way…

I recently bought some XFLIP goggles, pretty embarrassing goggles to be honest, and the reviews were attrocious, but thats because they were reviewing them as $350 goggles… I got mine for $50, and the parts they did praise (clear OLED screens, good resolution) are more important than the cheap plastic used (i would really feel bummed if i paid over $200 for these). Also the person who was selling these said the lenses were misaligned, so he pulled them apart,cut and moulded the plastic to realign the lenses. Imagine having to do that on a new pair of expensive goggles…

Which brings me to my point… It looks like you will have to do that pulling apart, but at least it wont involve bending and cutting. One possibility is that the lenses on some of my other goggles do just twist off for cleaning. I havent checked, but there are usually teardown videos of reviewers willing to pull apart new products to show you how they come apart. There is actually a reviewer who had all sorts of debris and condensation on the inside of his XFLIP goggles, and it seems that once you get the case apart, it should be fairly easy to clean.

By the way, some goggles are like that. My friend wanted to sell me his old Topsky goggles, but i couldnt for the life of me focus on them. Only when i spaced them out a few cm could i see things clearly. Do these have focus adjustment? Or can you get diopters for them?

They have diopters but looks like optics are a bit different and now I have focus problems… But I can maybe use another diopters or make something from reading glasses… All that can be solved except dust. :frowning:

I contacted skyzone directly and they sent me some clips how to disassemble glasses and open OLED optics by myself if I am willing to fix it by myself, and also told me that they have service center in Hungary and that I can ship goggles there for repairing. I think I’ll send them to Hungary because they are brand new and opening is so complex and tricky that I am not brave enough to that while I still have warranty…

Thats probably the best choice. And good to see they have local service centers! Hah i tried asking the maker of my goggles for some spare parts (facepad), zero response, no website, nothing

We’ll see is this really service center or only some “transfer” center which will actually send goggles toi China but from EU country to avoid custom fees :wink:

But, I must say, skyzone support is very good in terms of replying to my mails and helping me with tips and videos - they replied to my first mail within 24 hours, and on all other mails practically instantly (within 5-10 minutes) with really helpful information in each mail!

Just got them back from Hungary! Package was sent from “Drone Labs” from Hungary - so there is really a kind of service center… They did great job - screens are now perfectly clean and dust-free. :+1:

I did not have time to fly with them properly now when they are fixed, but I tried to set them a bit to reduce focus problem and make better looking image - so I noticed that increasing brightness helps me to focus image better + I also turned sharpnes off (to 0) and reduced saturation which also made image softer and less grainy (these screens are far better than LCDs on my old Skyzones so any artefacts caused by cheap low quality AIOs I am using are highly visible on these OLEDs).

But I noticed that optic is also a bit “problematic” for my eyes - as I move goggles on my face or move sliders to adjust IPD, some parts of image are more and some parts are less focused - not blurry but just a bit “out of focus”. Old Skyzones did not have that problem and image was clear everywhere even with moving IPD. This is a bit annoying because if I put them on my face slightly more left-right-up-down from the position in which they were where I set IPD, some parts of image will be de-focused… I really need to think something to avoid that…

OK… I think I did it! I think I fixed my focus problems!

I am long-sighted so I think there are no diopters for my case (as I posted here, my old Skyzones was perfect without need to add anything on the optics - but these are out of focus a bit)… But watching youtube video about how to make “diopters” out of some cheap or old glasses, I decided to go that way- I used glass from my wife’s old reading glasses - she is also long sighted but got another eyewear prescription and new glasses so I could use her old glasses for this:

Her prescription is different than mine and these glasses were +1.5 on both eyes while mine are below +1 and different on both eyes - but it does not matter at all! Image is focused perfectly!

The only problem is now that my eyelashes gently touches these extra “diopters” - but I solved that by replacing original strap with the one “backup” Fatshark strap I bought long ago as a spare in case my old Skyzone strap break or stretch… It is more loose and can be more stretched than original Skyzone strap from O30 - so now everything sits on my head and press my face gently and image is finally as it should be…

I made 4 flights today and I am very satisfied…

Hmm I have noticed a similar thing on my xflip goggles - the corners aren’t as sharply focused as the center. It’s not a huge issue. Though I had a bigger issue that the other day the receiver module (with a slightly heavy patch) fell out! Lucky I wasn’t flying at the time (walking to a downed whoop) but I need to build a bracket to hold it in better. I guess that’s why they were so cheap. One day I’ll get myself something decent…

Yes - this is common problem on some type of optics… While image on my old Skyzones are 100% sharp everywhere, on these 03O, with this “mod” I did, and with IPD stretched to maximum, image is now focused as much as I need.
I used them today in 6-7 flights and so far so good! And, oh boy, even with crappy AIOs I am using, image is so colorful and vibrant (so I can see every dirt on lens and video artifact caused by low quality chips inside AIO :wink: :wink: :wink: … Much much better than with LCDs in old one.