Simple 1S DIY charger

Bought few TP4056 lithium battery charging board and switches from ebay. Removed resistor for current and replacing with 2 others to select desirable charging current with switch. Im my case 300 or 600mA.
Powered with old PC power supply at 5V. Cost almost nothing unless your time to build it.


Amazing. My next project! Do you have any wiring/schematics/guides? I have a ton of 1s lipos that I’d like a better charging option for

Connect input of TP board to power suppy, and output to battery.
IN+ and IN- to 5-8V power source.
BAT+ and BAT- to the battery.

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Very cool!
I did a resistor replacement on the 6 output chargers you get with whoop battery bundles, but this looks more trustworthy AND adjustable.
I’m going to have to do this.

I looked into this and apparently there are many different manufacturers putting out these tp4056 boards. The original chip has the italicized TP logo on it. The rest, you don’t know what youre getting.

Adafruit sell a similar charger using this chip obviously not as cheap

That is good to know. Thanks for inf Bepl!