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Silverware whoop spins on throttle after flashing (SOLVED)


I just finished building my whoop yesterday, after that I did a test flight. But when I throttle up, the quad spins like a frisbee so I checked motor and prop placements and confirmed that it is correct. The first thing I replaced is the props but I’ve got the same problem. Then I assumed that the motor is damaged so I replaced all of them with new ones, but the quad still spins on throttle like it’s crazy. The last thing I replaced is the fc because I concluded that some part of the fc is damaged so I removed my bwhoop fc from my tiny hovercraft, flashed it with nfe silverware, and replaced the previous fc. But it still spins like a frisbee! so I assumed that it must be a software issue and I need to do something to prove it. First of all, I flew my old NFE Silverware quad and it flew perfectly. Then I reflashed it with new one that I used on my 2 whoop boards, after that, it also spins like a frisbee on throttle. How can I fix this? all of my silverware fc are now unflyable.


Go into the firmware and uncomment INVERT_YAW_PIDS or use gestures to disable it.


Oh! Thank you very much @yets, I nearly gave up and gone to sleep lol