Silverware vs Crossfire - fight

Good day.
I try make friends Silverware Brushless with Crossfire.

In manual announced SBUS, but source code support #define RX_CRSF and I want try. Bind ok.
To begin with, I tried to connect to SBUS (uart_rx) and TX to uart1_tx, there is no reaction.
May be problem is SBUS guess inverted and CRSF not inverted, but in source code used equal ports.
Tried connecto to SWDIO (rx) and SCLK (tx), not work.
Silverware has many options in source code, may be something enable crossfire original protocol and all will works?
Thank you.

I haven’t tried it, but the notes on this page (alien zero runs straight NFE silverware so support should be the same), and that suggests you need to use the crossfire receiver in SBUS mode. Did you try that?

Looks like Tango2 not support SBUS mode.
I wanna try original CRSF if it possible.

On the F0 we can only run crsf without telemetry so single wire to rx pad. Along with selecting the correct #define is all that’s needed with the Zer0 fc so should be the same for this one.

First of all I tryed simple frsky receivers with SBUS mode - r-xsr and xm+ work well. And its fun.

After this I disable //#define RX_SBUS
enable #define RX_CRSF
get several errors - copy this from #Lite_Frsky code
#define SERIAL_RX_PIN GPIO_Pin_3
#define SERIAL_RX_SOURCE GPIO_PinSource3
its standard

Connect -
nano g - fc g
nano 5 - fc 5v
nano rx - fc s or sbus or uart_rx pin
bind ok,

turn on and looks like FC not see Crossfire Nano RX,
but my tango2 see NanoRX well

1 - crsf tx
2 - crsf rx
3 - ch3
4 - smartaudio
5 - bst sci
6 - bst sda

tryed telemetry off

Have no any reaction by switches.

Still dont want SBUS mode for CrossFire, wanna original CRSF. Any ideas?

So, finally connect Crossfire in SBUS mode. Connection ok and arming work, but fly not good, look like constant failsave.
Nobody use Crossfire in Silverware? I specially wrote in english-speaking forum in hope you all have Crossfire ))) and everybody compile silverware sources )))

I think your best bet is to try the Discord channel

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Any silverware discord channel exists?

Alien Zer0 is here I think

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Thank you! I ask in discord and receive answer… and it works!
in nano receiver only 1 - SBUS, other - CH2,3,etc
and set 12 channels in nano receiver instead 8 ch.
And its fly!!!

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