Silverware Tools for macOS - new version!

I usually have NFE_Silverware checked out in a git repository and keep the different configurations in different branches.

You are right, the Docker container keeps being linked to whatever folder it was created with.

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Okay, thanks, Chaotix and sier. I’ll make sure to keep the compile directory constant one of those two ways.

is there any version of this code for linux? i use ubuntu specifically

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@wallieonline and @jocejrod


I’m under linux too and also interested in a way of compiling without hard time under linux. I can compile only on ubuntu 16 as ubuntu 18 come with newer gcc version and it doesn’t work with that one.

Wallieonline, you said you’re now compiling with the “official” compiler instead of gcc… what do you mean ?

Could you explain your way of doing ?


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Using this compiler:

I send my custom CentOS7 Dockerfile to @sier he started the project for mac.
Put the files DS500-PA-00003-r5p0-25rel0.tgz and mdk_lite.elmap in the same folder as the Dockerfile.
Make a “work” folder and copy the ruby script and silverware project in work folder
Run the container with the “it” and -v (for work folder) parameter en start the ruby script in the work folder.
You need to make some (path) changes on the ruby script to make it work.
All credits for @sier… he showed me how to transfer license… Thanks a lot for that… using this for all my other stm projects now!

Hi !

Thanks for your answer.
Maybe it is to complicated for me… I don’t know about CentOS7 and Dockerfile.
I’ve downloaded the DS500-PA… file but where can i find mdk_lite.elmap ?
I would be pleased if you would give me some hints, but understand that it can be long for you if I’m to far away…

You can install without docker if you want. mdk_lite.elmap is the (limited) demo license file from keil.

And you need some commandline build commands, you can find the build commands in de ruby file from @sier download and extract the project… search… and you will find… all you need :grinning:

Hey thanks again @wallieonline !
I extracted the DS500-PA… folder and run the install script. looks like I have now armcc installed !
I downloaded and extract @sier 's folder. I just don’t see the “ruby file” : )

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Ruby is the language its written in.
File is named build.rb
You can find it here:

There is now a makefile (instead of the ruby file):
Tested this one… and it works.


Sweet! Thanks for the pointer :wink:

Ooops ! I just noticed you aswered, I’m sorry.

Thanks @wallieonline for the help, but I don’t manage it yet. Unfortunately I miss some basic knowledge, and don’t know how to treat simple errors.

Running the ruby file returns me an :

Error: A9511E: Unable to determine the current toolkit. Check that ARM_TOOL_VARIANT is set correctly…

and I’m lost here…

I’m trying now with the makefile following the advices of ghostface from github.


@nezo Better use “makefile” now (instead of build.rb)… more easy… read the message from ghostface (in the link). Don’t forget to install the mdk_lite.elmap file!

@sier Your welcome!

Wow !
I managed to compile it ! Thanks for your guidance ! Now I can go further.


Good work! Glad I could help.

Dear all, I’m a beginner of silverware and I tried to compile with this tools for H67. but it didn’t success , silverware.hex didn’t in the same directory as the tools. It’s shown “
E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?“. What can I do to be able to compile? Please help me. Thanks.

Open a terminal and type:

docker system prune -af

Then run the installer again. Your docker container isn’t installed correctly.

Thank for advising, I tried to do as you wrote. I haven’t solved this issue yet. Silverware tool for macOS was difficult fo me, so I had done to use windows. very thanks.


I’m trying to run the Compiler for the first time, have Docker downloaded and installed. I get the following error messages. What does it mean? My folder name where the MacOS Silverware Tools have to be in lower case?

Checking docker…
Checking docker container…
Downloading compiler…
Creating docker container…
invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase
Container creation failed.

NVM, got it working, moved the Silverware tools folder (renamed all lower case) and NFE Silverware folders to Desktop and the Compiler ran fine.