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Silverware H01 secret OSD


Any specialist know which chip i should flux out and replace to get rid of this … Or maybe fix a broken pads … No idea where it come from yet…


So these are usually selectable options in the menu of nicer micro cams … but we have never seen them show up on an aio to my knowledge. That could mean there is a way to access the programming menu and not only remove that feature (turn off) but maybe even change all sorts of options like color balance or wide dynamic range… that would be so cool!!! Now how to we find the right pin to get in the display menu? ?? Kevin do you have a 5 button adjustment board from a ccd fpv cam?


That’s hilarious, love watching it though!

Very curious about menus now…


I will disassemble my onboard car camera and do some test


As you said it could open us a lot of new option especially with the upcoming Silverware and a LIGHT cam like this :wink:


somewhere on the cam board, there is a flash memory chip

in it there are settings for the cmos camera chip, usually it’s i2c connection but they can be spi too.

If it’s i2c you can short one of the lines, or both together , and then the chip will use the defaults, which probably don’t have overlay on. Otherwise you could try to write to the cmos chip via the i2c connection ( it has it’s own address) to see what various registers do

I did something like this on a cam which had the mirror feature, and I wanted to change it


I could probably use a FTDI adapter to connect to the chip .

Here some so so info ive read so far :



Unless you think you could do it i could send you one example .


The secret is hiding in the ATMLH 742 :slight_smile:


My camera hacking project is long over, but here is a vid from playing with the effects register

very hard to fly like that :slight_smile:


That is fantastic, I’m going to have to dive into those registers!


Look like a Laser Tag game xD with some sensor it could be a nice game .


Silver13, This doesent have anything to do with the topic. But that looks demonic. You sure it’s not just possesd by some demons?