Silverware dedicated brushless fc (experimental hardware testing)


Project still untested but I am confident it will be all good. I am still waiting for my PCB’s from OSH Park but expect them back over the next two weeks. Project details and BOM are in this post and thread


Mine will arrive this week. I’m only getting round to ordering the bits today, its all getting a bit expensive :sweat_smile: Lining up parts for the SPI and micro boards too


Hey I hear you yets :slight_smile:


Quick question; can I replace the NR3015T2R2M inductor with this NR3015T2R2M is out of stock, has similar size dimesions and is rated slightly higher current at 1.7amps rather than 1.48amps


I must confess my ignorance here Yets but I would suspect that it may work OK with that.

I am at the mercy of people far more knowledgeable in situations like this and tend to ask the question on one of the electronics forums that I am subscribed too. I bought mine from Element14

Sorry I cannot be of any real help with this.


Haha, then it’s probably pointless asking the next question about an alternative buck converter! :joy::sweat_smile:

No worries Pedro, thanks for your help. I’ll try to find a good alternative that’s in stock


The inductor should be OK Yets, same package and same footprint. What buck converter did you have in mind?


This was the suggested one TPS62163DSGR but LCSC is out of stock and RS-Online have them on back order till October.


I’ll contact you tomorrow Yets as I have five of both the correct inductor and buck. Happy to post you one of each seeing as my parts choice has put you in a bind :slight_smile:


That’s kind of you Pedro but there’s no need! It’s not a problem, I’ll wait for the back order, it’ll take a few weeks for the other components to arrive anyway. I think I have to rethink which one of Ian’s boards anyway, my credit card isn’t happy


If you change your mind just holler.

Scratch everything I previously said please as I am the confused one :slight_smile: Getting my V-Regs mixed up AGAIN


Sorry, I need to be more careful with my terminology. Not buck converter but the DC to DC converter listed in the BOM.