Silverware dedicated brushless fc (experimental hardware testing)


yes, I have a nRF52832 board in mail, might take a while since it’s from ebay.

So it’s cortex m4 and can also do bayang, which means 2 chip design, but there will be a bit of work for me…


That chip’s specs sound like a paradise (for you). I’m very curious what you could/would do with that amount of computing power. Also that bluetooth stuff onboard is quite cool!


Not meaning to pollute this thread with brushed stuff but I put the BetaFPV FC into an Eachine E011 frame and fitted a Boldclash F-01 AIO camera. This is flying on the standard PID’s and bear in mind that it was quite windy and I am not the worlds best pilot :slight_smile:

I like how it flies though and aside from some confusion with motor directions, it was an easy build.


Last night I built a different brushless Silverware fc, a Silverlight by @Ian444. The whole build from a pile of components and a bare board to a flashed working fc took me about half an hour! The fastest fc build I’ve done by a long way. The design is very easy to work with sensible component placement and plenty of room. I used hot air but this could definitely be built using just an iron, a perfect first build board. Weighs about 1.5g and is 16x16mm overall.



You are shaming into finishing mine @Chaotix :slight_smile:

Nice work


Great board. So good in fact that I’ve got six more boards from oshpark to make up


Have you shared it on oshpark? I was thinking of making a shared project with extra info and links to BOM and Silverware wiki.


Yes, I shared it today. I put the links to the board and a Silverware repo. You’re more than welcome to share it too.

We’re just in the middle of sorting out a brushless focused silverware fw, just working through a few kinks


$2.75 for 3 boards with free shipping, not bad eh? I think yours looks fine, can always add more info to the page if needed. The links are spot on as well so let’s just run with that.
If you want anything tested for brushless I’ve got one flying and another on the way.


Big thanks to @Ian444 for sending me one of his fc’s to try out! It took me a while to get around to a build with it… but here is what it’s capable of


Loving everything about that. That SIlverware logo is killer! :joy:


I would like to thank Ian for sending me the parts for his FC build and also walking me thorough the setup. Nothing much to see in my video as Travis is the flying Star :slight_smile: but I am loving @PJC 's (Qreacher) SilverWare video intro too


Looks like the logo is a thing now @PJC!!
Great job on the entire process @pedro147!!!


Wowwwoowoowww LOGO. :sunglasses::grin:
Nice flying also.


Link to .mp4 of Silverware intro with sound:!AryYA7BjaHXFlct_XFEt9d7l_EQ59Q


Thanks a lot for that @PJC and very generous of you to share that with us SilverWarers :slight_smile:


What 5V regulator is on that board? I need something that can take at least 3S :wink:
Is it a 1S FC?

Is there any hardware feature restriction (does F0 have something F3/F4 doesn’t have?) or could one theoretically port everything connected to the behavior of silverware to F3/F4 processors?


Takes up to 3s, reliably takes 2s no issues. I have two and they’re great.

There’s discussion of a new board but will remain F0. It works fine as is, it’ll need some coding to move to F3/4


It would be great if M1-M4 GND and VBAT would be aligned such you could use a JST-SH socket for a 4in1 ESC. Like this one (which probably survives 3S+): (Should be GND, VBAT, M4, M3, M2, M1 - order of M1-M4 isn’t really important if you can remap them.).

But that would mean 1mm pitch, which isn’t exactly solder friendly for everyone.
While not exactly rated for 3S, BS06D 2S ESCs are known (tested with BR1103B 10kKV motors) to survive 3S to some extend - would make a nice combo.


JST socket is being worked on for a board designed by @Ian444 and @pedro147 :wink: