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Silverware dedicated brushless fc (experimental hardware testing)


This look promising , wonder if you guys gonna add some built in receiver ; frsky,flysky,spektrum ? or it might not work , you’d get a wider audience :stuck_out_tongue:


The rx built in is based off of a nrf module. Any 4in1 tx multimodule will control it. There is also an option in silverware to use an sbus rx.


Well im gonna need to throw that spektrum away and switch !


It flys! Really quite well now, I’ve got the hang of tuning Silverware, can’t get gestures to work and there is no bluetooth telemetry available on this one so tuning is a chore. Fly, observe, code, compile, flash, fly, observe… etc. I’ve had about 40 lipos through it at 2s so far with no bad behaviour from the board or components.
Second revision should have a 5V 1A output for fpv gear.


Ordered a hot air station this afternoon…


Did you order boards yet @Bobnova?


Not yet, no. That was going to be one of the next questions though, boards and BOM.


@Bobnova here you go Silverware board and BOM
Some parts may be unavailable, if so just ask me here for alternatives.


I’ll send you a board if you want @Bobnova unless you want to do 3 from oshpark.

2 is enough for me for now. Lol


I’d love one!
Thanks for the link @Chaotix


Here is the RCG link for those interested


hey guys, this is silver13x ( silverware coder )

I just made a mmw account, I actually like the forum design, in general I like new and different things so this one is great.

If anyone is interested in trying out silverware, feel free to post any questions in related rcgroups threads, and I’m sure we can answer them. I understand silverware is pretty complicated compared to other software but it does get a lot simpler after some time…


Forgive me if this seems out of place. I get the silverware value when it came to the “Toy” stuff (it gave full potential) but what benefits are gotten from designing a fresh FC? Is silverware branching to be another FC controler FW like Betaflight?


I can probably answer your question - it was all driven by form factor for brushless quads. The existing silverware FC’s have odd shapes, support 1S only, and have the esc output signals all over the pcb, instead of one central spot. Silverware flies well and having a combined rx saves weight and space. It has good range, and very low latency so feels quite direct while flying. Low battery warning via telemetry is useful too. Hence the support for a dedicated silverware FC (for brushless quads).

Personally, I hope this new FC works well and that a Chinese manufacturer clones it and sells it at a reasonable price, which could never happen if something isn’t built (by hand) in the first place.

For brushed quads the stock boards are great, no need to reinvent the wheel there I don’t think. Very cheap and effective, and easy to build with.


Please don’t beat me up for asking anyone… BUT out of curiousity, any dsmx flavors?


Hey @silver13. Welcome to MMC forums. This is one of those rare internet spots where there’s a very friendly and helpful atmosphere and with a pretty good design and functionality.
There are a few older threads about your firmware dating back to not long after you initially released it, the search function works well here btw :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Of course you’ll find quite a few familiar characters lurking about too :grinning:


Hey @silver13 - excited to see you here!


Right now I’m not competing with betaflight, but I think it’s going to happen at some point in the future.

This fc is designed for brushless, and current silverware boards require modifications for brushless builds, like removing the MOSFETs or dealing with the 1S power to still get telemetry from a larger battery. So it makes this more convenient.

Still, I’d like to point out, this fc should be classed as experimental as it uses some non tested parts, we’ll see soon enough how well it works


@silver13, I’ve updated the thread title to say experimental.


Hey guys, you convinced me to do a registration here as well. Seems inddeed like a nice and friendly place (have been reading/lurking around other threads also)

Main reason for me to come over here though are @NotFastEnuf’s printable frames. My brother invested in a printer right now and we need to do some test prints :smiley: Can someone point me to it?