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Silverware dedicated brushless fc (experimental hardware testing)


Most of you will have heard of Silverware even if you haven’t used it. A firmware originally written to allow better control over toy quads including acro mode for craft never designed for it. Some, including myself, have taken those fcs out of their original toys and built them into proper hobby grade brushed quads. An obvious progression was to include the ability to run brushless escs with some minor modification, much success followed.
It had been discussed as to how we might get a purpose built fc designed and recently the effort was stepped up.
Let me present the first working prototype of that design.

It has an STM32F0 mcu and a 6050 mpu, built in rx using the Nrf24 chip with telemetry, able to run d-shot, buzzer, LEDs and voltage sensing on a 16x16 board.


Wow very nice! This going to production or just released for the home-cookers?


At least a little bit of production I hope! No hot air here, but I want!


Just self build for now but there could be an option in the future to have a small run manufactured. Hand builds would need to be about £40 each and manufactured could go down to £30 maybe. It’s all experimentation just now. I have another two to build with no prospective owners as yet but I think they should go to experienced Silverware testers ideally so we can get feedback.


I should probably tag @NotFastEnuf at this point. :grinning:


Could you mount it whoop-style so it will fit on the NFE boss frame?


I have three bare on my bench that are now suffering from component envy of your beautiful work there!! Lol. Hopefully I find the time to get started soon. I’m going to attempt to scavenge most of my components from scrap. Lol. And my hot air is simply a fish tank air pump plumbed through a soldering iron with a tube in place of a tip. But at least I have a ts100 for touch up. I ordered a few alien anibus and whoop boards while I was at oshpark too. @Chaotix - can I convince you to print a boss frame for its new home??

Also … I’m testing some cool new filtering and features right now for silver (well technically for me since I have been begging for these changes). Frequency adjustabke Kalman, 1st order, and 2nd order filters on gyro, kalman motor output filter, 2nd and 3rd order adjustable d filtering, and a few others. Really excited about how it’s going! No more black magic and voodoo to selecting filters for tuning or dealing with noise. It’s all becoming very intuitive. I’m gonna make some suggestions too about removing some of the older options that are no longer viable in light of the new stuff as well as a few other changes to the config file to make it a bit easier to navigate and setup.


I hope to release the 16x16 mm mount style brushless boss frame tonight as well as updates to the others in the 100mm size. 90mm should be ready by the end of the weekend.


Just for scale reference here’s one on top of a beebrain.


Very nice work. I don’t own a hot work station also.

@NotFastEnuf Does your homemade hot work station work well? I think I have all those parts and I’d be interested in making one.


My second one works well. Lol. First one I used a low wattage iron and it barely got hot enough. I’ll check my wattage and report. They are quite cheap though so making one is just for the novelty.


Dude if I had a printer I’d be all over the Boss series as well as all the thousands of ideas I come up with, lol.
I’m trying to justify to myself the expense and time to get one, almost there :smiley:

Your hot air solution sounds… erm, interesting :wink: Could maybe work though.

I’ve been watching your increasing involvement with the Silverware project and your code additions are just the sort of things we need now. You need to get a brushless Silverware quad built up man, raise it up the priority list.

Btw, I’m still rocking the original canopy with the fire dip on yet another build, it’s nearly destroyed now but it’s lasted some crazy testing.


Printer is worth it @Chaotix The brushless version of the boss series exists just to run silverware for me personally although there are plenty of options for others. And if you had a printer you could start forming my canopies since i finally modeled and released molds… I’ll be building a boss with an e011 converted and one with the dedicated fc for comparison. My involvement in silverware is actually mostly behind the scenes right now testing unreleased features and pestering silver via pm. Lol. Once I get caught up I’ll have to send you another care package so you can retire that old canopy.


@NotFastEnuf have you run reversed motors with Silverware? if so, how?

Edit, got it from Ian444 over on RCG, line 250 in config.h


Yes I run props put on everything except whoops because of the angles struts (it caused an oscillation). In config.h below the line where it says non changeable things blow this line (lol)… there is an invert yaw pids for some geared toy … uncomment that line. Also make sure you run gyro hardware filter setting 0. For now also use the 2st adjustable filter as low as 80 if you have noise issues but preferably around 100 or 120. Set motor filtering for .25 to .3 to get good transition to off throttle chops. Throttle transient compensation really makes small throttle blips pop harder but can amplify imbalances. Use mix lower throttle like antigravity and add a line to control it’s affect via a percentage. 10% usually feels solid to me. Use mix increase throttle 3 to make the off throttle airmode stability rock solid. In pids enable max flat lpf D term and double the pid output limits and integral limits. Setpoint weighting can be enabled in pids also and feels good down to 0.9. That’s my formula for success. With the new stuff I’m testing we will be able to use the 1st (first order) adjustable filter on gyro or Kalman on gyro and a second order adjustable d term filter around 80 to 120 for defaults with the option to drop to a 1st order adjustable d term filter if motors are staying cool. Just like tuning betaflight.

Edit: just saw Ian hooked you up @Chaotix… hopefully some of this other stuff will help.

Also my recent releases for e011 have an adjustable deadband for tx sticks and the code for arm/idle up airmode on a configurable switch. You may want to grab those features out of my e011 stuff


You and silver need to be less cloak and dagger about what you’re doing… There’s a dedicated fanbase out there that would love to know what’s going on

Tell us more about your hot air station. I’m about to pull the trigger to be able to make 6 boards, would like a good way to build them.


Silver is probably just giving me what I ask for cause I keep poking him. Lol. Essentially the main thing I’m working towards with silver’s support is the removal of all those filtering options both hardware and software to be replaced by some solid defaults that are ultra high performance, easy to use, and just make sense. So far my tests show promise for that being a reality. Filters affect tuning so dramatically - and I don’t wish tge learning curve I went through on anyone learning about it. In the end - the hardware gyro setting will be the same as betaflight with similar option for d term filtering. Everything will be frequency adjustable.


I’ll take some pictures or make a video soon.


Very nice work @Chaotix as usual.


Very useful comparison shot, @Chaotix! Thanks for taking it and sharing.

I’ve been following the thread over on RCG and can’t believe the work you guys have put into this. If the dedicated Silver BL FC can eventually enter serial production, it could open Silverware to a whole new audience.

Good stuff! Kudos! :smiley: