Silverware Brushless Fork

Silverware isn’t just for brushed builds! I’ve been working with @silver13 , @Ian444, @SirDomsen and @NotFastEnuf to create a fork focused on brushless compiles. Based on NFE’s great set up, I wanted to streamline brushless setups so a user could start a build and keep the tinkering in Keil simple and straightforward.

It also includes a few new features such a Blheli passthrough support, Dual PIDs and some features that NFE has added to his fork. The has all the newly added features and of course it’s all experimental, so please use with caution!



Info on how to turn a brushed Silverware FC to a brushless

Dedicated Silverware brushless board:

Ian444’s Silverlight Brushless board:

Any bugs please let me know in this thread or on the RCG thread


I’ll try and find you some bugs :grinning:
I’ll be testing using the Mac flashtool rather than Keil and comparing to two good flying examples I’ve got here.

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Good hunting! :smile:

It would be helpful you putting it on a quad or so, the more people flying it the better. Hopefully we’ll be able to add a few more features if there’s interest

There’s a typo: Dedicated Silverware brushes board: I guess it should be Brushless :wink:

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If we’re doing typos there’s one in the header of the, Ian’s board is Silverlight rather than Sliverlight. :wink:

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You got what I meant though! …thanks guys…such sticklers…:grin:

I’ll get a chance to flash and fly later so will give non grammar/spelling feedback as well. :smiley:

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Appreciated. Please let us know how you find setting up all the options etc and whether you find it a bit more streamlined. :slight_smile: