Silverware and SBUS external receiver

Good day.
Tryed connect Frsky r-xsr SBUS to Silverware and failed.
enable #define RX_SBUS,
trying any
#define Lite_Brushless
#define Lite_BrushlessRX
still not work.

May be somebody connected external receiver to Silverware? How it works?
Thank you.

#define Lite_BrushlessRX
#define RX_SBUS

xm+ working well, no questions to FC, problem with r-xsr

Lucky you, recently I failed to set up flysky sbus receiver with Lite FC. Still not sure is it manufacturer’s fault or something sbus types related. Ended up buying receiver with ibus:).

many ways for reason of this problem,
may be flysky support not inverted sbus,

may be should try edit rx_sbus.c and set 0 instead default 1
// sbus is normally inverted
#define SBUS_INVERT 1

Yep, also found this, tried, but with no luck. Worst thing in all this - when you new to hobby, there is no spare parts around. You can not check if receiver acutally works.

I found SBUS not work with my compiled .hex file on black FC
quad works only in throtle mode ))) elevator )
In orange all works well.

Standartd .hex file return quad in normal mode