Silver Surfer - a Silverware angle mode only configuration for racing

For now, this is a configuration similar to Mockingbird, but for Silverware.
It is based on @NotFastEnuf s fork.
I didn’t do a whole lot yet, but it already flies better than Mockingbird.

Suggestions welcome. I plan to do a lot with this in the future.


Do tell!!! What specific changes are you putting in the angle mode setup? I honestly never fly angle myself so I have no idea what to do with it to make it good … but if you’ve got some good stuff I’d love to toss it in NFE!!!


I’m in the process of discovering that myself :smiley:

For now, it’s configured in a way that acro pilots would call “stiff”.
Very high rates, no expo, full setpoint transition. Basically I want to get rid of all smoothness :wink: I just want it to snap to the target angle.

Next, I want to get rid of the separate angle pids. Having two sets of pids that get mixed is super confusing to tune for.

That’s what I was thinking! I never fly angle either but I know all the guys from Tiny Whoop do nothing but race in angle mode. The only reason they are using that expensive, non tune-able Inductrix FPV FC is because they can’t get Betaflight angle mode to perform the same. Judging by how amazing Silverware performs in acro mode, I see no reason why angle mode wouldn’t perform. Just needs different rates and (maybe) PIDs.

Ideally I would love to see it integrated into NFE settings (eventually) so we could simply switch between TWR mode and acro beast at the flick of a switch! That would be so sick.


GitHub Noob here:
@sier, How can I add your files into my config without overwriting my preferences?
Basically, I’d like to keep my NFE based settings and config, but I’d like to be able to flip an AUX into this SSmode.

I think separate angle pids are actually the way to go, especially if we want to integrate it into NFE settings eventually. Changing rates on a switch is already possible, so if we could have it that flipping a switch changes mode, rate, and pids, wouldn’t that be all we need?

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Dual pids are already possible - I just have not had a chance to integrate it yet. Is that what makes this special? A different set of base acro pids?

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Actually, I’d like to always run 1000d/s Yaw no matter the rate mode selected… :blush:
Currently, we could only cut the rates in half, meaning that my Yaw is only 500d/s.

As it is now, it’s really just a bunch of different settings for NFE’s fork. But a lot of the things I plan for the future will make it unflyable in acro.

I personally never fly acro, so I don’t exactly have an interest in keeping that functional :sweat_smile:

It’s easier for me to keep this a pure angle fork for now. So I can change things around without worrying that they’ll break other flight modes.

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Version 0.2 is online with massively improved handling.

I have decided to only provide binary builds from now on, as my changes to NFE’s codebase are not dramatic enough to warrant a source release.

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Cool - any release notes? I’d like to know what I’m getting into - hahaha

Thanks again for your contributions!

Thanks for sharing this! Don’t know if this is a still ongoing development, but I just gave it a try and didn’t notice directly that much of a difference (but I’m a beginner / amateur and my two whoops are different too!)
I’m using a devo6s transmitter and saw by accident there is channel 5 mapped to the led lights. Any other channels used? Regards, Bern