Show us your vids! -- The YouTube c.mmw.c Channel

How about we use a single thread as a channel for videos?


Here are two, my Atom 83 and a Furibee F36 (with an E010 transplant) – having fun with making vids for a change!


Video is not available in my country! :joy:

Well, that blows.

It’s because of the Batman 1966 theme song. I’ll find something else in the future.

Loved it @burtlo,
Mighty small gap there! What was it? About 3"?
I’ve been compiling a nice crash reel of my wooded escapades, I’ll contribute once I cut it together. (Once I figure out how):slightly_smiling_face:

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2.5" in the middle, ± on the ends. Quad is 1-5/8", but I have the benefit of @NotFastEnuf Mullet for smoothing out gaps like that.


I like this thread’s concept, I will be contributing.

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Burundi too!!! Well, doesn’t that just does take the cake!

I had posted a video with my dog and the neighbors dog (both under 10lbs) were play wrestling and I dvr’d it and added “Too Many Puppies” by Primus as the soundtrack…

Both YT and FB blocked the soundtrack.
You’ve never seen a more pathetic video sans audio.


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Testing a frame out, I like how it flies, but it’s dangerously low on punch towards the end of the battery with these props (46mm “gemfan” 0.7mm shaft drilled to fit 1mm shaft), motors (Kado’s insane 7mm) and battery (Tenergy 380mAh for Syma X11c).
Lots of fun though! Part of the testing was durability, which adds a certain amount of bravery to a pilot.


Awesome! I just had an inspired thought, that viewers suggest routes for us after watching videos.

Like, I wanted you to to the front of your yard, between hedges and garbage cans, then through the gate at the front of your driveway, back over the gate towards you, between the cars, then hop left over your porch, through the gate into your yard… and then something having to do with the dark far-right corner on the other side of your covered carport(?).

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That’s an excellent idea! I’ll definitely give that route a whirl.

The frame being tested survived face first into the step about as well as you’d guess. Then the 3d printer nozzle jammed when I went to print a new one. That has now been cleaned out, and printing should commence shortly. (EDIT: It helps if you plug the stepper motor that forces plastic into/through the nozzle back in too. Sheesh)

I have a hard time getting and staying down that low with the Kingkong Q100, especially in air mode. Air mode minimum throttle (at least with the current kind of wild PIDs) isn’t all that far from hover, so getting down means losing altitude by tilting rather than just lower throttle.
It also seems to have a better condition camera (fewer impacts, I suppose), so those license plates need obscuring.

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I like the idea this is my latest video.

Anyway I am editing two other videos from the flying session of monday “Little Easter” (The day after Easter) don’t know if that even exists outside of Italy!!


I got a new one as well :+1:


Nice edit, BIG flying. … you are the man!

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never seen an upside down yaw spin!
i dont watch many vids except on the forum.
amazing buddy.


These videos make me wish I had dvr.

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Crouching Pilot Hidden Brushless - Unreal.

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Some leisurely breaking in…

  • BeeBrain 1.2
  • 19.6kv Gold Edition NewBee Drone motors
  • High Voltage Lipos from MMW
  • JST-PH Mod
  • Crazy Pony Whip

Nice extreme camera uptilt! What ducts! Hahaha


Love my micro’s :grinning: