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That was an excellent crash in the middle there! That thing is pretty quick.


That’s my favorite part too! It just had nothing left to give and I kept pushing forward asking for more. Hahaha. Since I can’t afford to buy faster motors the way I abuse things … I just need to rebuild lighter!


What motors are these


Just generic hubsan replacements. Nothing fancy. I buy 20 for 25$ and bend 4 or 5 shafts a week crashing. There’s no power in reserve on a flight like that… they’re maxed out. If you want to climb - you gotta do it with pitch :wink:


Finally received my dvr!! Couldn’t wait and flew a pair of batteries last night. Enjoy!


Excellent, @Aaa! The “Area Canina” makes a good FPV course (along with surrounding trees). :smiley: Also funny that you are in a Spanish-speaking country, but the song is (barely intelligible) German. :wink:


Gotta have my DT’s
…(dodging trees :evergreen_tree: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


Thanks! That spot is great. Adding a pair of flags and gates would make it perfect for a micro championship. This is Madrid, Spain, by the way. The song intro was so intelligible that i didn’t care, sounds great :smile: and no copyright issues with youtube


LOL! Yes. Finding license-free music for Youtube videos is a great way to discover new songs and artists. @tronaton and others are pretty good at this. Almost as much fun as flying quads. :wink:



Winning 1st Place in my first whoop race :hugging:



Excellent finale, I’ll need to try a set of afunta clears on one of mine.


I’m going to build a new 90mm on Iflight frame, and I’m stuck in choosing motor, I have a Bobo build run 1103 8000kv , 2" 4 blade gemfan prop, it flight great but I’m wondering how 10000kv compare to 8000kv for the build under 50g ?


No Micro this time… First recording from my RunCam 3. Don`t know what happened at 1:19??


That is the way to go! Really nice skills. U rock that micro. Inverted yaw spin. Nice!


I’ve decided to upload some older clips I found on my computer… you guys are gonna love this one I’m sure


Oh damn :frowning: Sorry about that camera. At least it was not indoors when it released the magic smoke. That smell permeates the air for days indoors constantly reminding you of the horrible incident. Nice LOS flying though :wink: Way to recover from the camera mishap. Also thanks for showing that as it may help someone else not make the same mistake. I had an equally sad moment with my custom built AlienFlightNG whoop, happened the day after you made this video which also happened to be my birthday. I have video footage but have been so busy with work I have not had any time to clip that yet but will try and do that today and upload.


I frequently download from the FMA “free music archive” which has a wide variety of stuff. I mostly go there looking for the electronic music that fits the videos I cut. I also have a very eclectic collection of around a couple hundred gigs on a hard drive but it is not installed in a PC ATM . As for Mr Bluesky from ELO, I have videos with that as the sound track and a few other of the ELO songs. Love that band, one of my favorite 70’s soft rock groups. They had so many good songs.

@Aaa, great little spot there :wink: Fly all night at that spot. Did that sign say something about poop? haha Not too fluent in any other language but I saw the word Excremento there. I also know that cats love sand boxes and being as there was one there at the end of the video was just wondering what that sign said at the bottom?


Yeah, i’ll try the free music archive, great tip for finding music for youtube videos!

And yes, the sign asks the pet owners to collect their pet’s excrements, as it is an area intended to be a playground for dogs.

It’s a great spot for flying microquads. I go there only at night because there are no pets and it’s well lit (otherwise i can barely fly in the dark) This is a big city and it’s not easy to find spots for flying. Law is not very favorable to drones in Spain, even when it comes to 30gr micros. Not as crazy as it is in Canada right now, but its very restrictive, and you’re not supposed to be flying anything into a populated area, so… night is my friend :sweat_smile: