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Yeah, one of the reasons I designed this shirt…


It’s a nice design. Wish you’d get royalties for it.

Whooping is not a crime. But being a hipster like Jesse P should be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Couldn’t help but think of this song. “I’m too sexy for my shirt. I’m so sexy it hurts.” Sorry! :dizzy_face:


I do get royalties!


@Chaotix Such nice place were you live! It is funny because I will be there 1st weekend of June with all my familly :grinning:
I wish I could bring my 90 brushless for quick run in Edinburgh parks ! lol


Some tricks…


Happy belated b-day :birthday:


Thanks man!


A video thread! Here’s my youtube channel, I have a few quads I fly 5s / 6s on and have been just flying some of the new EFAW 2407r motors.Been playing around with a new gopro session 5 and getting the hang of recording with it. Hope you guys enjoy my videos if you decide to check them out!


Ah! Good to hear, @PJC!

For some reason I seemed to remember that you had shared your design with TW for free in order to get it produced and distributed broadly. My memory is like a sieve, and sometimes the neurons mis-fire. :wink:


you motivated me to fly my whoop so i made a video aswell lol


Some passes in my apartment


Man! that’s some tight space you are flying in-between!


Many of you may not realize how good I am at frying cams. Here’s some Magic Smoke for your viewing pleasure.

…and some pretty quiet quad flying, IMHO, for discussion with @quadlifepro.


Another old video but anyway since I have nothing fresh ATM…


My 1st vid in this thread :blush:


Nice job,
I like flying between trees and such, one day I’ll stop hitting them and fly around them like you did!


man, that is the quietest brushless set up ive ever come across online dude. SICK! All that power with so little sound…


Dude, seriously. I knew you’d appreciate that.


Trying out the new Bonka LiHV 1s batteries. Pretty sweet.


Doing some tree dodging at the park keeping it low and fast… recorded this to compare speeds to the 7mm MMW motors in the silverwhoop but figure you guys may want to see me eat dirt road running out of power trying to push it faster. :smile: