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Hey Chris isn’t that the Powell Peralta logo on your Youtube avatar? :heart_eyes:
I used to skate and my first old skool skateboard was a Peralta :slight_smile:


Yeah, you’re absolutely right.
Skateboarding was and is one of the biggest influences of my life.
Ok, I’m not that much into tricks anymore but use my boards getting from A to B quite frequently. And every few month try to have a session on a miniramp or bowl.
I love those old skool graphics, even have a screaming hand tattoo.
I know there are some skate rats around here like @PJC and @NotFastEnuf
Skateboarding has a lot in common with flying micro quads. Community driven, DIY attitude and it’s all about the flow.


Ohh man I would skate if I hadn’t wreaked myself. Skated from 1995-2003. Good times


I’m 17 and I skate everyday. Aside from fpv, skating is my other hobby :smile:


Good deal! I still think about getting a board all the time. Then I think about falling and how I dont just bounce back. Sucks getting old…


38 today. First thing I ever bought in my life with my own money was a Nash skateboard. I was in 1st grade and washed windows for a quarter a day as a chore to earn it. By second grade I was hooked and got the first Tony Hawk board for my birthday! Finally put it down around age 30 - hard to take care of kids when you have broken bones. Now I strive to break as many quad frames as I have broken decks. I used to go ride and push limits till I got hurt … that’s when it was time to stop. Now I fly and push limits till something breaks. Very grateful I have found something to fill that void forced on me by getting old. :smile:


@notfastenuf Ohh man same here. I lived in Ybor City by Tampa for a while outta high school. I entered into Tampa Am a few times. I did some of my best skating down there. But breaking both ankles on the blue rails in Tampa was my last hoorah… Good times but your right. Lets break quads not bones :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday @NotFastEnuf!!


I grew up in Tampa! Small world!


:gift: HAPPY BITHDAY @NotFastEnuf :gift: If I well understand you are 38 today so you were born on 23 May !

Congratulations to all YOUNG GUYS that have arrived in this great time of FPV stuff !
I wish I could go in a refrigerator to hold my daddy’s age of 43 (damn I don’t feel that age) and have more reflex and less fear. The only positive point of my age is that I can teach FPV to my young boy of 6 yo : Be careful he will beat you soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy birthday @NotFastEnuf!
No skating here, it was mountain biking for me, tons of fun, occasionally very painful. It probably would have been skating if I grew up in an area with flat anything to skate on, but I didn’t and there were lots of hills for mountain biking so there you go!
Same age bracket too, and a bit miffed about not healing like I used to.

Definitely enjoy that when I crash there hell out of a quad it doesn’t take me weeks to heal (weeks to wait for Banggood now!).


Thanks guys - I really appreciate it! Cool that the 7mm whoop motors came in just in time for my birthday! That’s like my present from the community! @Bobnova … you’re right - shipping has replaced healing! Hahaha


youtube offers free Royalty free music you can add after you upload, just FYI.


Happy Birthday @NotFastEnuf.
Keep on supporting the community and let us be part of your ideas, knowledge, work and creativity.


I couldn’t have said it better myself! Skated for 15 years, then had kids (see the pattern??) but recently bought the newstyle freestyle boards…they aren’t as tiny as the old Freestyle (I was a street skater) board but skinnier than a traditional street…the rust is thick, but it’s fun!

I never did like building boards up, and the same goes for quads…I just wanna fly/ollie/shuv-it/flip! :smiley:


First time hitting gates lol


Could not have said it better myself! HappyBirthday Bro!


You guys are too cool. I love flying, and enjoy building more than @PJC does , but this community is by far the best part of the hobby!


Haha, skateboarding, I was skating in 1976 and had one of the first sets of urethane wheels and proper trucks in the uk. We used to cut our own boards and had nowhere but the streets to skate, Edinburgh has lots of hills and back then traffic was not a problem. I get a chance about once a year to jump on a board, no tricks for me, I’m a straight cruiser and big carver. My kids had boards late 90s which kinda kept it within reach otherwise I might have lost it.
I totally see the comparison in the quad game, thrills, pushing it, carving the sky and the community makes it.


You and I must be of similar age (1976-1979, 1983- present) - hahaha

I too had some of the first urethane wheels (OJ’s, Kyrptonics, than later on it was multicolored Val-Surf wheels on Tracker trucks. I used to compete in basically 3 events, freestyle, slalom and high jump. I also used to have a 42"longboard for laying down “coffin-style” and going down hill. My other 2 boards were a G&S FiberFlex for slalom and a Val-Surf 30" laminated maple for freestyle.
I don’t skate regularly anymore because I don’t have a board now, but whenever I see a kid riding incorrectly, I’ll usually offer a little instruction. They’re more amazed at how I handle a board than the actual advice that goes unnoticed after 100 yards - Hahaha


Hmmm. I was too afraid to be a skater. :relieved: But lots of friends who skated, including one one who started a small indie board making shop, with used industrial presses he got from a ski factory. :smiley:

In addition to everything mentioned above, the parallel between skating and quads that strikes me most is the exaggerated public backlash. Politicians and old ladies are all having a cow again, and trying to stifle an innocent passion that brings healthy fun and enjoyment. It’s as if the old “no skating” signs and town ordinances have simply been repurposed as a “no drone zone.” :angry:

LOL! Kids these days… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: