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LOL! Maybe you need a blade like this then. Fiskars has a bunch of good “gardening” machetes. Or maybe something from Ontario Knife if a gardening tool is not hardcore enough. :wink:

Speaking of overgrown scrub, I recently helped the lady across the street look for her lost cat. Thought in back of my mind was that she owns a double lot, and I might be able to fly there. Turns out it’s so damn overgrown, plus it’s steep and there’s a brook, I could never fly back there. Oh well. At least we found the old cat. :slight_smile:


I’ll try a low speed fpv tour of the woods soon so you can get an idea what I’m up against. Definitely with a spotter if I don’t get a buzzer first. Lol


One more guys!!!



Thats pretty sharp… Whats the specs? I’m looking to do a 3" build.


Basically this setup:

3mm CF frame from Armattan (I got Version 1 with a 3D printed canopy, link on the Thingiverse page)
Emax 1306 4000kv motors
Pico BLX (Clone)
cheap 600tvl cam*
XM+ receiver
MRP 4S 850mah
HQprop 3x3x3

*Not really happy about the cam, the rest is perfect. Flies like a dream. Maybe a lighter battery would be even better. I get 4 minutes with power left to spare.


are you running 4s straight to the pico clone?



Yassss! I want one! How much do you want for it?


It’ll cost an arm and a leg. (#badDadJoke)


Yep, specifications say 2-6S even :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Getting more comfortable with the 110mm, 1103 6500kv, 3" build. Found some rates that work well with it too, that’s helped a lot.


@Bobnova: You are improving rapidly! Flying that little brushless wonder is obviously getting more and more natural for you. :smiley:

And… damn those power lines! :wink: But at least you’re flying FPV and safely on the ground. Contacting power lines in a manned aircraft is a whole different level of FUBAR. :astonished:



I think about that sometimes as I’m bombing around doing flips and such… I’ve had plenty of crashes that would have turned a pilot into jello. Even on the ground it almost hurts sometimes! (Or does, when it’s me I ran into…)
Manned flight and power lines is not something I’m interested in testing :smiley:


This is my first youtube fpv video ever. This DVR being recorded on 130mm - RCX 1304 - 4S - AUW 210g. Going to post second video for 95 mm BoBo build


Congratulations, Mr @Bluesky! Excellent flying. 1304 motors with 3025 props on 4S LiPo is a very good combination.

Do your (MMW and YT) screen names have anything to do with this ELO song? :smiley:


Thanks Brainstorm,
Yes the RCX 1304 on 4s is rock, this 130mm quad a long with me for near 1 year, first I started with 1105 4000kv run 3S, but after that I converted to 1304 run 4s and very happy with it
My screen names not relate to the clip but it make me laugh a lot so fun and colorful clip, many thanks


Found some DVR footage day 5 & 6 part 2


Testing out Kingkong 65mm Props all i have to say is WOW!


Here are two vids of my AlienWhoopF4 put together with iMovie. No masterpieces but who cares.
Need to find a decent tune and get smoother on the sticks.
But damn I really had some fun here in hospital.