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Living proof that weather should not hold us back from flying.


Yea Sinister ! Even if sometime nothing work as intended or the weather is not on our side , when we need our fix we just send it !


Boss still Stronger than Tiny Whoop 0802 19000kv !



Serious birth controll goggles!


#notfastenuf for the WIN !



1S Toothpick


BOSS 8 1s The machine


Bought a BetaFPV 65 Pro a few days ago and took it out yesterday for it’s maiden flight. The first part of the video below is on 1S and it was seriously under powered (Was a bit better on 2S) and the vtx is a POS!

The second part of the video is the brushed Boss 720 running the Betacube F4 on 1S with a much better vtx. I wanted to be sure the video issue was on the kwad side or on the new Viper goggles I got yesterday.


At 3:33 ! its a powerloop spot practice !!! is it me or it look like you are running h8 props on h8 ?


Running Afunta props on 720 motors on the Boss frame, betaCube F4 stack

Only down side to that spot is the tree above, it has been an issue with branches even when popping over the house at the wrong spot.