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Staying at the Hyatt on a Wednesday evening, I brought my old 2017 NotFastEnuf E011 whoop with 19,000kv 6/15mm brushed motors, and it still rips! on Gaoneng GNB 250mah 3.7v lipos


#tinywhoop #silverware #2k19 #santawhoop "Which one is your FAVORITE ? " - :yum: So yea i went for a coffee and for some reason it was a bad timing because the guy had just started the cleaning process of the coffee machine so he told its gonna take for about 10minutes …wanna wait ? Hmmm i was ok ill wait then he remembered me because of my fatshark goggle on my neck then we started talking about drone and i was like oh yea this time i got my whoop with me wanna see it ? He told me ■■■■ ya show me this …at first he like ok …thats so small ( pretty sure he thought it was a big ass DJI or something and when i started flying he was like OH ok WOW thats awesome then he asked me how much it cost , where i can buy one for me and my son …so many questions …he was really digging it ahahaha ! - Whoop is Whoop ! As Joseph Guarrasi “reliability” is the keyword for our hobby ! "I think its my second best whoop video despite the tons i upload for you guys hope you enjoy ! "


digging the song ! Nice video too bro ! happy 2019


Thanks, and same to you! The song in my video is from NICK GRANT “GET UP” FEAT. WATCH THE DUCK.


thanks friend !



#tinywhoop #silverware #winter
*Must use HEADPHONE to watch to get my MOOD and my Son’s mood * Hope you guys will love it , if so Leave a comment and a small THUMB UP ! Today’s was another cold day , but again it was sunny had no choice to go outdoor . So i took my son with me and his rc 4x4 jeep to ride and fly together at one of my favorite and peaceful spot. I think i did a good job on that video if you are agree let me know ! Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tarkusx_fpv/ WTF FPV ! what is it ? Whoop Ton Face ! - Tarkusx FPV Special thanks to F6 Foto for my custom logo version 1 for now . Make sure to visit his channel to learn more about him https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjrV…

(Sorry for the text formart … lazy copy paste xD)


NFE Boss 720
BetaFPV F4 cube
BetaFPV 17500kv motors
Afunta props
300mAh batteries

Mockingbird v2 set-up

Same setup but with race rates:
20% expo

There is a wobble that rears it’s ugly face a few times, how can I eliminate it?



Father and Son sharing hobby ! Rctruck and the Famous BOSS and Whoop NFE on the new FIRMWARE !



Not a micro flight but thought I’s share.
This 3" Alien started out as a 2" BabyhawkR now the only thing left of that is the motors.

Now I can say I have flown over water.


I wondered about the range of our Silverware quads for a long time. A week ago I finally found some time to test it.
A bend in the road cut my video off, I could have probably gone longer. Anyway, here is a video:



@Oracle Those are some wild cliffs! How far from the City up the Hudson are they?

I usually just zoom across the GW or Tappan Zee Bridge, so don’t really know the Hudson River coastline. Spent a few hours around Nyack, NY, some weeks ago. There are definitely some pretty spots not too far out. Maybe I can make a scenic stop next time I’m up that way.



Across from Dobbs Ferry




617s NFE