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My best take off to landing so far. I think I’m finally getting the hang of acro. Thank you all for the comments. This is a great place.

C Ray Tech


Wow that’s fast.


That’s day 6 of acro? You’re kicking ass! I was a mess on day 6. That said I could be said to still be a mess, just a faster mess, I suppose.
Love the light pole in the middle, I swear those things attract quads. I plowed into one early on in my acro career too.

@madman1412 that must have been the fire remnants in the last ride at the dandiliion farm video. Burning is the proper answer to those damn things.
I like the berries, but I like the berries off someone else’s property, not mine thank you very much.
Ivy can also go away, spent a decent chunk of this afternoon ripping it off my fence.

Then the wind stopped and it was time to fly. I’ll try to get a video up tonight, it had some good bits. Also some ignoble bits.


thing flys like a little beast! lol it cool to build something so small with brushed motors thats so responsive and yet aggressive. i flew my 95mm build outside and i was amazed how it handled wind flips and rolls i forgot all about my whoop lol


@Bobnova Thank you! Yeah it wouldnt be right if I didnt hit that light pole :slight_smile:


Heres a little freestyle gate flying from mothers day flying starts about 47sec in


Day 7 of flying Acro. Im getting to the point where I can think of things I can try and they actually happen. I really should get a sim to play in but I cant stop flying :slight_smile:


Heres a lil more footage from Sunday with some new tricks (not sure what they’re called pirouettes maybe?)that happened lol new I just have to figure out how to do these on command


Well, I did it.
First full pack w/o a wreck, and that guy and his dog get the credit for that😛


Let me know what you guys think a week and a few days into flying my first racer


Flying looks good for just a few days acro.
But IMHO the location is horrible and super dangerous. You are flying close to a seemingly very crowded highway. Please don’t do that.

One failsafe, one loose wire, one bad screw, one glitch somewhere in the wrong second and you are causing mayhem for someone else an that street.


gotcha ill keep that in mind lol


Highlights of an end of day “unwind” session on my 8.5mm brushed.


@notfastenuf Awesome flying!! You have a great flying spot.



Nice I need to venture out into the woods!


Thanks man, I enjoy it. I’ve got 5 acres of woods behind the house too… I really need to get back in there with a machete and hack out a track! I have avoided it since I don’t have a buzzer installed. It may be time for that upgrade. Woods fpv does sound fun!


Eh, just wait for @Bobnova’s 3" leaf cutters on his next build… he’ll chop your backyard into shape.


@NotFastEnuf: Skip the machete, and get a cheap Chinese electric chainsaw! Got a $50 model off Amazon when Hurricane Sandy took down a tree in our yard a few years ago. Got it out again recently when weather took down a 60ft pine in our backyard. Working a chainsaw, esp. an electric one with an extension cord, is tedious work. But you can’t beat the price with a stick, and it does the job. Just make sure to get a bottle of “bar and chain oil” to keep it running smoothly. :wink:

PS: Nice flying, too! :smiley:


I think that build is going to work out very well with the kv motors he is running. It’s going to be a rocket!


I hope I don’t have to go that far … but it is totally overgrown Florida scrub. Besides I don’t want to make it easy on myself!!! Hahaha.