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Nice ! Love the brushless sound ^^ !


Its been too long since I contributed to this lovely thread here.
Got some special video in the queue:

Not 100% sure whats going to happen, I only made a rough plan so far.
If you want to find out with me what crazy stuff will go down, set yourself a reminder - and bring popcorn and your friends :wink:


Need to practice proximity and racing soon with the upcoming ALIENWHOOP GATES omg , dunno if you guys saw them but damn they look dope they even has Led strip holder oh my oh my !!!



This is my latest 3" build


Been a while since I have flown and just finished up getting the Project Mockingbird settings on the new FC for the SNSTR65 and after ripping a few batteries in the house, I decided to take it out to rip around the yard.

MAN, it feels GOOD to be back in the air!

Kwad: SNSTR65
FC: BETAFPV F4 FC Brushed Flight Controller with SPI Frsky Receiver
Camera:Wolfwhoop WT07 Micro 5.8GHz 25mW FPV Transmitter and 600TVL Camera
Motors: Racestar 615 6x15mm 67K rpm
Mode: Acro (Project Mockingbird Settings)
Goggles: Quanum Cyclops w/diversity
DVR: Eachine ROTG02 w/ Galaxy S6
Antennas: Pagoda & Stock Patch
Transmitter: FRSky X-Lite




Thank you BOSS 7 xL for saving the day ! Im so proud for having printed my own and first BOSS loll


Betaflight 4.0 is just amazing





thats fkin dope


2 b0ss 7 e011 videos using boldclash 19kv and tx01s cam on the whoop and wholfwhoop type cam on the boss with the strix motor


Thanks man! :slight_smile: it was so rad to dive that huge building think it’s the largest residential building on this part of da world


Aurevoir 2018 !

Santawhoop NFE
Boss 7 XL

Happy New Years !


Say HELLO to 2019 ^^

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