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Todays , i went to quebec and met a Tiny Whooper found on Tiny Whoop community , we had a great time , talking and flying ! First pack Let’s go inside a Shopping mail , we did it till the Security came and just asked to stop so we did then we went at the underground parking lot which was a blast but check this out and quick footage from the Shopping mail !

This community is awesome !
Whoop on !
Whoop the World !


Testing out Alienwhoop Filters on my SANTA !



Today ive received the new 1200tvl camera combo with vtx , gifted by www.betafpv.com !

So i did some quick run here in there with low light , basement , outdoor at night and im really loving it ! No latency , insane view and detailed ! Still need to test outside on a sunny day to see how it goes and how it manage the colors and light ! - Its gonna be my go to Camera if the outside test is succesful !

Take note that im not using High end gears !

Fatshark teleporter V4 modded with Eachine ProDVR
Jumper T8SG v1
Eachine SantaWhoop Stock flashed with Silverware NFE
Nothing has been retouched in this video !

If you want to buy it , which i think you should its right here :

Another Note !

To maxout the quality , i will build a 720 Silverware NFE 75mm with a Runcam Module DVR so i can remove all the static !

IG: https://www.instagram.com/tarkusx_fpv/
YT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk0tV21e5YA

Special thanks
Thea Xiao
Minli Chen
Bella Jiang


When it click it click ! Go go go ! Hyped as usual just by watching @JBFPV video !


Silverware took my entire SOUL !


AlientWhoop Zer0


Finally got into 5” quadcopters!

~100 packs in and I’m loving the power!


This is what happens as you become convinced your quad is indestructible and your tree de-quadding kit is infallible.

That said, I mushroomed the titanium standoff on the camera cage and ripped a screw out at some point recently.


Getting a few packs in on the ZERO.
Recorded a couple months ago and trying to get things edited and what not.

Let me know what ya think guys



SANTAWHOOP warming up for Christmas ^^


Practicing some Gates in my basement with some random object in acro ! Might need to use angle or racemode for this xD ! Its a lot of fun tho



E011c ( Silverware NFE)
Stock Motors
Stock Props
250mah HV
Turbowing Cyclops v2
Jumper T8SG v1
Fatshark Teleporter V4 modded Eachine PRODVR

Featuring BILLY the CAT ! xD


D A R K S I D E ! jOIN Us !




BOSS 7 betaflight 3.5.1 vs SANTAWHOOP Silverware NFE