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Shooting Wild Hoops


Unfinished Journey FEAT Silverware NFE and Butterflight ! Whoopgasm ! 716 19000kv


First time at a Bando. Old golf course:


Quick video of the other night racing round the house. Love my Whoops :wink:


@PropsFPV Love it! Including the funny clickbait title. :smile:

Must… do… more… indoor FPV flying! :relaxed:


Now for something completely different. :wink:


Nice whoopart flying with well selected music. A touch of 3d, enjoyed! :+1:



Fighting Winds ! runcamDVR + NFE silverware !



Titled this video By the Skin of my Proppy Prop Props.

This was a crazy run with my SPC Maker 90X 1S. Had a few arse puckering moments.


@JBFPV What you are able to do with a TW remains unbelievable and unequaled. Kudos! :star_struck:

@SinisterLefty With that title I was expecting a Green Jelly (pronounced Jello) soundtrack. :wink:


NFE !!!



Thought I would give this warning as the video quality of recording on my videos is twitchy as hel at times.

I have been flying with the new Acro Trainer on and I have found that I prefer it over angle mode for racing around my yard.

I wanted to put a Faith No More song on the video, but there is the whole royalty issue.


Here is the first video I’ve edited from my HD Whoop.


Loving it man ! That really clean ! Wonder how it would perform with a Bossframe 7 or 7XL ! it would be difference for sure but hmm ! It already a good progression ! Gonna Share it on FB :slight_smile:


Alienwhoop Zer0 with an spi rx module harvested from an H8 controller, very low latency and weight.
Dry weight 19.4g


@Chaotix The Shamen—Ebeneezer Goode! Love it! Many good memories from younger days. :wink: And of course, excellent SilverWare flying. :smile:


Building my fix with scrap beside my new motors ! Feeling better :wink: