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why is my recordings so fuzzy compared to yoursZ i open from the SD card and it’s fucked. recording from aomway v1


65mm 4 TBS clone blades 7x16mm 19000kv with 300 000km on it !!! still flying but not perfect ! Hope you guys like it ! thx




Nothing fancy, just the first time flying with the goggles and decided to start out with just recording LOS while I was working on the pids.


Trying to figure out how to do the matty-cyclone(or trippyspin, if you prefer drib) and flip.

I got both! Only briefly for one, but it counts.

Very pleased!


I have posted nothing in a while…
No micro for now just a 5“ Armattan Chameleon.
That Helio Spring fc feels real good.


For those who wonder if you can learn to fly a drone on a sim, the majority of my stick time was in front of the computer and some LOS flights and this is the first extended FPV flight (two batteries worth) and I chose to fly in my front yard instead of the open aired backyard to work on my alt control and moving around obstacles.


Still alive and flying! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@JBFPV Cool! That playground design looks like it was inspired by submarines. Incredible control for that tunnel and those portholes! Except that I waited in vain for you to go up or down that yellow slide. :wink:


oh yeah you are right I did go up and down it but somehow it didn’t end up in the edit. Maybe I’ll make a part 2 :slight_smile: There were also some funny situations that didn’t make it into the edit. I intended to dive the chimney at first. Almost went for it a few times. But then I went inside it from the bottom and wanted to fly out the top, turned out there was plexiglass covering the top! An invisible force stopped me and I was like what is going on here :joy:


Ahahahahah ! As usual nothing bad to say ahahaha ! Beastmode always on !


Sunday Training…


Flying the back forty.


I got a GoPro!


Im so sorry SILVERWARE NFE ! waiting on BOSS so for now Butterflight and Wind Turbine !


so, the crafts here both have the E011 FC flashed by @NotFastEnuf with the standard E011 7/16 motors, and NFE canopies. The Whoop has a full on mullet mod w/ clover ant. at 24.13 grams w/o lipo. the boss has an AIO camera with the feed line shorted and antenna pointed horizontally; 22.87 grams w/o lipo.

*Bonus! brando whooping; I totally had to go in there(SHHhhh!:wink: )


I took advantage of the somewhat cooler morning hours to get some more stick time in and work on control, even trying more difficult (for me) maneuvers.



Damn ! So fast now ! Silverware NFE