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Found a fun gap! Pulled the quad out of the bush-trees twice and towards the top of the pine once, but finally on this flight…


Nice flying, @Bobnova!

Funny how heavy the Chameleon looks, compared to the micro brushed and brushless videos that we’re used to. :stuck_out_tongue:


The weight has been the biggest adjustment for me as I moved to larger quads, the hang time difference between this and my 80g auw 1103 3" is pretty extreme.
Funny thing is, in throttle response it’s not much, if any, snappier than a lightweight build based on the spintech 1106 motors and 3025 props. The acceleration on that is insane. Peak speed is higher on the chameleon, but acceleration might actually be lower.

I need to build another spintech 3", broke the last one (shock!).


Im not Jelle Bakker or Michael Anderson but both give me inspiration and my family… love them so much ! Huge thanks to Jesse Perkins to turn that #tinywhoop Hobby one of the best things you can get addicted only with ONE lipo !

If you guys liked it , hit that button and if you want more sub it will encourage us to make more roadtrip all around the country #canada and get better at it ! Main goal is to reach 100 sub so i can change my nickname loll !

Well Hope you guys enjoy that video !

Forgot to mention some Master Geek Travis Schrock and Patrick J. Clarke for tuning , and even if i dont fly #mockingbird in this video i higly recommend to setup your whoop with his setup and go Join tiny whoop race and win them all ! #Bestcommunity all around !

Insta : https://www.instagram.com/tarkusx_/

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Silverware on LSD ! Maiden Flight ^^


Nice editing




I designed and 3D printed a tiny whoop with 1102 15000KV brushless motors for added durability over 07xx motors.

Uses 1535 KK Props and split 1S Tattu 450mah 45C lipo. Based on the TinyFish Stack.

My custom build is the white frame with size comparison to a 0716 whoop.

Maiden Flight:



Sometime simple flight its enough ! WhoopPills for relaxing !


Flying a cow farm. Really scary, because I’m scared of cows! I really did NOT want to crash! Don’t laugh :wink:


Nice Clip :+1: and very suitable music!
Have it enjoyed to watch.

By the way, I laughed :smile:



hahaha it’s ok, glad you enjoyed! :smiley:


Getting my daily dose of whopping in.





@Oracle Flying inside a camping tent takes “small space” whooping to whole 'nother level! View of the trees through the mesh windows is too cool. :sunglasses:

Loved your video of diving that tall monument at a park as well, and couldn’t help posting it here. :wink:


Thanks! I really appreciate that :smiley: I had a great time camping with the whoop and it was beautiful to see the trees through my tent “windows.” I love to fly through all the bird paths in the leaves.

Flying the monument with the 3” was a lot of fun too! such a pretty day.


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