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Looks like fun!


Nice flying spot!


A little backyard whoopin’


Here is my latest video. Its a homemade wooden X frame for my E011. Ive made a couple in the past but this is by far the best one yet. I have crashed it a ton of times and the worst I’ve had to do is re glue a motor on.


Hey guys I have some more flight footage of the Wooden X frame build. Let me know what you think. Im learning Acro at the moment and its a blast. Thanks for checking it out.


Wow, you rolled the camera out of focus! Haha


That is how it is done! No guts no glory. If you are always babying the build you will never get to that next level :slight_smile: Looks like you were just getting warmed up there!

Here is a video I clipped from flying at a project I am on. 58 unit building, I am attempting to fly as fast as I can up and down the hallway which is almost full throttle, took a few tries to get the timing right on the 180 since it wants to continue going the opposite direction even when about faced. Sorry I do not have this uploaded to YouTube and that I went a little long with the video. This is an AlienFlightNG Whoop FC V1.1 prototype hand built, E010 frame (which expired shortly after this), dark edition 19,000kv insane motors, 2 blade chopped eachine props and 205mah mylipo.


@madman1412: Wow! Cool! I did not know about Tiny Whoops spewing sawdust (or drywall dust) when they are threatened. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a really nice building you’re working on. Perfect environment for fast forward flying, stair runs, and it’ll be nice for its eventual human residents too. :smiley:


Fight or flight :wink:

The 13 flights of stairs I am having to climb is nowhere as fun as flying the whoop for sure. I should have enough time in this building to fly and hone the ludicrous speed attempt. I am not sure how much faster I could make it go but I was not full throttle in the few attempts that I made to fly up and down the hallway. I have just lightened up the build since that E010 frame got trashed at the house the next day. I just rebuilt this last night onto a E010S frame and from the ones that I built so far, that frame is much better for both the weight reduction and durability. I tested two of those for about two weeks and I had some pretty hard crashes with them. Surprisingly the builds survived and no damages to the frames. The two previous videos I posted were both the E010S frames. The best view of this building is from the roof that overlooks the west side of Seattle and the peninsula across the Puget Sound. The conditions so far have been a bit too windy to attempt an outdoor flight around the building but I will be lurking and waiting for when the conditions are optimal for that :wink:

BTW, I see that you are a veteran of the micro brushed scene :smiley: I have read into some of your posts on RCG. Glad to see you still have the passion and that we have such a great source of knowledge. Thanks for the many informative posts that you have made here, I am always on the hunt for more knowledge when the time permits, you have been a very good source of said knowledge.


awesome video! funny spaceballs reference lol


I think in order to reach ludicrous speed I will need to do a little fine tuning on the rates and PID. I will have some time in this building to try out some different settings for those that hopefully will result in a more controllable attempt at that.



Yeah @madman1412!! The backtrack is awesome, matches the speed of the whoop so well. :alien:


No music, but I had some fun here!

Build was largely for Science, 8.0 x 16mm motors, 65mm props. Worked great!

Also contains my best powerloops yet, despite being brushed.


That’s some impressive indoor 8.5mm flying!
I’d be missing some paint if I tried that :smiley:


@Velcrofpv I am getting dizzy! haha You need more space to let that thing run :smiley: Nice flying and way to use your noggin at the end! Not sure if that was intentional.

@Bobnova, you are scaring me with them power lines :grin: They sneak up on you like branches. Nice job avoiding those, I have been downed more than once by the power lines in my front yard. The brushed quads can be every bit as fun as the micro BL with a good tune and the right parts. Looks like you are proving that :wink:


To be fair, the phone line eventually took me down. Killed the dipole and pulled the video-out wire off the camera. Slight issue.

I think I’m going to do a full writeup on this quad, it’s a recipe I think other people will like.


Ha! Like I was saying :wink: I have skidded across the power lines out in front of my place a few times. Good thing you are handy with the electronics skills so you can get that puppy back in the air :smiley:

Writeups are great, we like brain food-ie build logs, write ups, how to’s etc. I will be checking it out when you post.

I forget, I know you are in the PNW but are you down in Oregon or WA? I see the water in the videos, I assume that is the pacific and you are near the coast where you are.

BTW, I took care of those blackberries that you identified in one of my videos :wink: they were getting a little too invasive so I had to have a little trimming and burning party. I can now see the fence again in that corner of the yard!


I’m down a bit further south, very northwestern end of CA, it is indeed the pacific off in the distance on the far side of the bay. Amazing area!

I’m being invaded by himalayan blackberry vines right now, need to have a chat with them about getting off my lawn and out of my hedge.


A decent pair of loppers a rake and some gas :smiley: haha Makes for a nice little weekend bonfire. In one of the videos above the fire that can be seen is the last of those blackberries seeing their last day.