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Its Friday ! Hmmmm more saturday actually ^^


Gloomy Groovin


Hitting gates… or attempting not to I suppose.
Sumax SR1407 based Merica 4".
So much fun.


Messing around with lower rates. Seems to make my flying much smoother.


Looking good! I’m a sucker for harassing trees :smiley:

This is what I was up to this evening. Shortly before spending 45 minutes mucking about with lead weights, fishing line, and rope getting my merica back from the top of the usual tree…


I love low rates for the smooth lines, it really like fast rates for quick manoivers. In order to get the best of both worlds, I added a heck ton of expo…


Yeah! Thanks what I’m messing around with also. I set up a switch to switch rate profiles so I can try three at a time without plugging my quad it. Currently at 0.7 RC, 0.8 Super, and 0.1 Expo, but I’m next going to try out ~1.6 RC, lower super, and like 0.8 Expo haha!

I really just want the sticks to be only <10 deg/sec around center stick and then linear to 1000 deg/sec at max deflection with about 1/4 stick deflection being ~150deg/sec or something haha! Maybe I’ll have to set something up on my QX7?


A little Tree Time


Dark clouds rolling in, the sound of birds and thunder, minutes before a thunderstorm.
One of those special moments.


Yawthority and Robotic Move with my oldest Whoop ! Man i love it !


@tarkux Pas mal, those robotic moves. Although I prefer organic to robotic. :wink:


Merci beaucoup Brainstorm , As you said robotic move is a bit too much , we’re not ready yet xD ! More seriously i was trying to reduce the delay for yaw response and other stick command and i think ive found out ! If it can stop winding here and get some decent weather ill fly outside and do something like everybody else does XD Recently found a bunch of park around my new home and im gonna explore them all .

This old Acrowhoop V2 long range fc is my best fc so far , after a good amount of crash it still flying like day one .


NFE magical Numbers ^^ ( Its not tricky flip and roll movie ) .







bridge , landscape , bando , river and failsafe !


When your brushed whoop flies like this, why bother flying anything else? :smiley:


Nothing special, just some footage of the maiden flight of my bat. Would have been outside but storms rolled in.