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24g of Butter !
Still practicing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is from a few months back. 95mm brushed quad. Wish I could fly my full sized mini quad like this.


Maiden with my new build Beta65 pro Brushless with the new Fc !


So today I was whooping around, and the strangest thing happened… :hushed:


So happy with these shots!


Bobi on 3s.


Death Star trench run!

Use the force Luke! haha!


Let the scootin begin.



Micro this time! NFE Boss at the Beach.

Horrible audio and stuff, turn your volume down.


Which camera ? So clean …and annoying sound lolll …


It’s an EF02, crooked sensor and all.
Would be really nice if they did what the larger vtx units do and just sent a blank audio stream.


Tune tune and tuning ! Cheap brushed motors 7x16 15300kv


Epic landing :smiley:


Awesome as always… You haven’t lost your skills with the haircut. :grin:
Which FPV cam is that?


haha thanks @Saccco, this is the TX01S! Cheap and pretty decent. Not the greatest in low light, but not the worst either. I’m also trying out the Cyclops 2 now because TX01S was out of stock and I need a good low rider combo. A bit early to tell but it seems pretty ok too.


Windy Flow


Im pretty impressed with this camera so far. Its much smaller than I thought it would be.


Still tuning and testing something on low 15300kv ^^