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Turtle mode ftw!!


First word when i clicked play : ■■■■ !!!

Epicness brosky as usual ! xD



Finally some good weather. It’s been a while since I posted but I’m back. This weather has be feeling fine :grin:


Finally fixed my 3 inch!


Chameleon Time frame, Eachine stack-x, NFE motors, horrible PIDs and a ton of wind.
Still fun!






Really digging these Turbowing cameras.


I got the chance to Whoop around these wild turkeys from a client’s driveway that borders a golf course; they’re not terribly afraid people, cars, or anything.
My goal was not to crash into any wildlife, though a pine branch did slap me around a bit!



Nice! You got them all puffed up. I don’t think they were too worried about your tiny drone.

  • Dustin


Tree Whopping


Got the Flea 80 back into action!
Took it down to a local shipwreck.


Testing ButterFlight 3.5 since my Silverware board is fucked :(:sob:


Bashing around on the bluffs.


Six months of brushless FPV with a two month hiatus during the winter. Still only one brushless quad that’s been modded a lot since the beginning. Next build will hopefully be a super powerful 4S micro.


Practicing with my Fatty Whoop 7x16mm 19 000kv ! No Rain today !


Acrowhoop V2 Longrange
Dsmx Spektrum
7x16mm 19 000kv
230mah HV
Crazypony cam-vtx
4 blades Eachine
65mm Eachine Frame
Eachine ProDVR
TinyKwad Canopy
27g without Lipo
33g with Lipo


Reupload for Music - Feel smoother loll