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The quad weight 75g, I added nearly 8g epoxy and carbon to reinforce the arm.
3s 450 Mah Tattu : 38g
Total about 115g
I’m not sure about thrust ratio



This is me harassing the kids with my FlexRC Komori. First video I’ve made/edited and uploaded so hopefully music isn’t blocked or whatever.


Alright so I’m still alive… :wink:



I’m creating a freestyle trick tutorial with my micro quadcopter. When I first started trying to do tricks, I realized that there were not too many videos explaining it. Constructive criticism is welcome because I want to make this series better for the community. Thanks! :wink:


Second video in series. I switched some things around and added more detail than the first one:


I like this idea, keep it up!


After whooping the carnaval, ended up at a party with random dudes! :joy:


Haha! At 1:27 that woman was like don’t go in the fire! :rofl:


Having some more fun with the AcroBee. I know it’s a little late for the Easter themed thumbnail, but the kid’s Easter baskets were still sitting around, so one of them got put to good use;):

  • Dustin


That was one super smooth ride and display of whoop powah!


Thanks man! I really tried to show the maximum capabilities of the Acrobee with my limited piloting skills. One thing I’m amazed by is how durable this little guy is. I crashed it into metal poles, wooden poles, concrete and tons of other stuff and the only damage so far is a small crack in one of the front ducts which I fixed with a little foam tac (similar to welder’s glue). It really gives me the confidence to try almost anything. I think there’s probably a couple minutes of just crash footage, so I may use it to put together a crash reel.


Did you happen to catch the pigeon that tried to have the AcroBee for breakfast at the 2:45 mark? He was motivated! I think he must have realized it wasn’t a flying bug once he got close and swerved in front to miss it. He only showed up in 2 frames of the footage, so I couldn’t do a slow mo.


I love that Boss7. I just do.


You guys like crash reels? Hope you enjoy:

  • Dustin


My Eachine ProDVR is giving out… so this may be the last trick tutorial for a while.

On the plus it gives me an excuse to buy the Cyclops DVR cam. :joy:


Stuffed a $21 Eachine speedybee cmos camera into my 210(it arrived today, why not?). I like it!

There’s only one left at Banggood USA, there were two but I bought another one :smiley:


@Bobnova oh no your quad got stuck in a tree! Did you get it back okay?


Yup, between crash flip mode and bring able to re-arm at any angle I was able to work it loose.
I’ve already sent plenty of time climbing that tree!