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In case anyone’s interested in how the Quelima SQ12 performs at night and low light:



That does a lot better than I’d have thought!



Rusty on the sticks so I took a factory night shift flight. Recorded with a MateCam. The replacement lens is not as clear as I remember. The camera battery conked out before landing.



Just having fun trying to keep the Boss 7 on my side of the fence.


Super lazy “build.” Threw the guts of my leader 120 into a massive droner frame, added a micro predator and vtx, using cut down gemfan 3025 props. Only running on 2S and still having a blast. I have long way to go in the skill department but I finally have a little craft I feel like I can really bash around and have some fun with. First night flight:



Nice flying! I saw this frame a couple weeks ago and it’s a really interesting design. Looks like it would be perfect for a Runcam Mini Split setup. I know what you mean about something to be able to bash with. The Airblade Éclair I’ve been flying is a similar frame layout and man, can it take a bashing! The camera protection is really nice also. This Massive Droner looks like it would be even tougher.

  • Dustin


I just got the fairly new AcroBee V2 with the gold motors and it’s a nice rig. I also have a whoop set up with a Beecore V2 and they fly similarly, but the camera mounting system on the Acrobee is really nice. It seems like it should take a serious beating. I found a quiet corner in our church to do some flying and get a feel for it…really looking forward to trying to push the limits with this one:

  • Dustin


Pack 8 with the Turbowing Cyclops. The HD DVR is lovely, the feed to the vtx is maybe 30fps, maybe 24fps. Not enough fps, I’m going to have to go back to analog of some sort which is a shame, as the DVR is great.
Might see if I can stack it, the Cyclops and a Swift Micro would still weigh less than the Runcam Eagle I was using.


@Bama3Dr Brilliant indoor spot! Smooth flight and nice range, too.

On a tangential note, that’s the biggest church I’ve ever seen, and it was just the lobby!?! :flushed: (And I say this having been to St. Paul’s in Rome, its replica in Yamoussoukro, and the National Cathedral in DC. :smiley:)

@Bobnova When I started watching, my first thought was “don’t crash in those trees!” And sure enough, you did. :wink:


You know how I roll, lol.


Thanks man! That was only about 1/3 of the lobby, but I want to try to fly the rest also. The whole thing is kind of a “T” shape and I think if I set up in the middle with my antennas pointed the right direction I could fly almost the whole thing.


Haha! I was tossing around the idea of doing that in my 3 inch! Just need to find a place to mount it!

On the plus, I think I’m getting better at flying brushless, though that football almost hit me at the beginning! I think they might have thrown it on purpose cause I heard them talking about hitting my drone with the football while it was flying! :open_mouth:


Good flying - but please don’t fly over people. I don’t know your legislation - but flying like that is certainly illegal here (you are not allowed to fly close/over crowds of people). For good reasons.


My most recent effort with the boss stretch v2. Flexing acro and editing skill.


Roger that!

FYI they showed up after I was at the field and I let them know I was flying a small <150g quadcopter and got their consent to continue flying near them.


This is one of my favorite build use 1103 motor


@Bluesky Nice build! What’s the thrust to weight ratio on it?