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Flew a short pack this morning before school. It was ~15 F…
Be kind to your batteries…

I forgot to get rid of trash dvr audio, so be warned! Sorry!


Part 2! Some of the best shots I ever got with a whoop, just amazing. :heart_eyes:


A999 car from Banggood ($22), proportional steering 1/28th scale rc car. Retrofitted for E011 batteries and running a VM275t camera, plus MicroMotorWarehouse 0716 Nutjob motor. The motor really perks the thing up!

Raw sound warning!


And the newly built Boss 8 100mm in NylonX (Thanks NFE!), E011 FC, aliexpress motors, kingkong 66mm props.
In the rain, cause what the hell?


It’s a lot of fun.


And the also newly built sr1407 3600kv 3" build!
This video is my last pack of the day, it’s a 1300 55c(ish), in this form the quad weighs almost exactly 250g.

Unedited, raw audio, but I was too pleased with the gap at 2:45 to not post it :smiley:


Holy cow! Did you mean to hit the gap @ 2:45?


Yup! Scoped it out and eased though it slowly on the previous pack.
I have to admit I surprised myself buy making it! I thought I’d end up in the net or breaking an arm on the first expedition.


You made it tho, man! Good job!


Definitely need to do a little pid tuning but it flies well on stock PIDs. more videos coming soon!



First outdoor FPV with BOSS 816.



My micro in 20 mph winds. Not too bad, but was drifting slightly in the gusts.


Worlds First Whoop Inverted orbits


World’s first other than notfastenuf two weeks ago anyway :smiley:


My most mesmerizing flight ever. Open mouth the whole time.


Been a while since an acro vid. Trying ceiling tap, matty flip and rubiks cube at the end of this :joy:


Out of this world, @JBFPV!! You are stretching the boundaries of what is possible, like no other micro pilot. Kudos! :nerd_face::metal::star_struck:


Hey everybody I hope all is well. Been a bit since I posted. I’ve been loving these new 2 and 2.5" quads. Plus if you like punk music The Chats are where its at.


@CRayTech Nice spot, flying, and sound!

Sound of the Chats reminds me a lot of the Surf Punks from way back. No fat chicks! Or I guess on MMC, no fat micro quads! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: