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thats the best whoop flying ive seen! so sick



Wow nice flying. I posted your last video on Reddit and it got a similar response of people thinking that you were lying about your setup or editing the speed of the video. Guess your flying is just that unbelievable glad you showed everyone it’s real!


wow lol just scrolled trough the comments, damn! They seem to be sure it’s sped up… lol
Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea. Hmmm how can I prove that. I can put a stickcam and stopwatch in shot but my editing style relies heavily on putting the best clips together… :thinking:


Yeah I’m not sure how you could prove it. Maybe you could set up a camera somewhere in the room just filming the quad with like a stopwatch in the background and overlay that onto FPV footage? Not that you have to prove anything to anyone though! Seems like some people just don’t think a brushed tiny whoop can do the crazy things you make it do


haha yeah I’ve been thinking about adding some third person shots anyways. You are right about proving, part of me is like who cares, but I don’t like getting accused of speeding up my videos etc. lol
I agree it does look extremely fast at times, even for my eyes. A few times have I been afraid I might have made a mistake with the rendering, like rendering 25 fps footage at 30 fps or something. But checking the DVR side by side it’s the same. Maybe I should just post a raw DVR with the crappy sound.


Fun little build I put together. Rips the playground well.


Looks like fun! 8mm motors with whoop props?


These are the newish 40mm 4-blade props from BetaFPV that I cut down. Motors and frame from them as well. Frame is about the same size as the Tiny 7 or Beta 75 but for 8mm motors.


@JBFPV Screw the doubters and the haters! You don’t have anything to prove. Your flying speaks for itself.

This remInds me of when Soma (designer of the Warpquad) posted some of his LOS acro clips in late 2012/early 2013. He was flying so fast on only 2204 motos and 3S that people back then couldn’t believe it. Now everybody flies 4S and plays with 6S, and going faster than you can believe is pretty much expected. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Whoop haters… @JBFPV, lol, I left a little duct in view on this one just so they don’t start talking smack about me next. Lmfao!!!


I think this little AirBlade Éclair build is my favorite quad to fly at the moment:



awesome! you guys make me wanna step up my stick game.


Just some Saturday afternoon father and son time :wink:


killin it!


Operation ‘Whoop the Carnaval’ Part 1 of 3 :grimacing:


Is this going to be a yearly tradition? :wink:


Lol, for those who understand what it is, I’m going to whoop during Halloween! But have to wait 6months…


I did it last year as well so I guess so! lol