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Testing out “Project Mockingbird” from @PJC

Ouah ! After rewatching my video i noticed this annoying tild left and right . Swapped frame , soft mounted fc , new props and now its steady and locked .


Not flying a Boss, and not flying in my front yard… I felt so lost like I didn’t even know what to do with myself or my quad. These occasions are so rare for me. Lol


Feels good to get out and stretch your legs every now and then nice flying…


A quick session with the whoop and a new cam (smoked the old one). Thanks to NotFastEnuf and silverxxx for the incredible firmware (it flies absolutely on rails). Enjoy!


@FelineFlyer Nice session ! Waiting on my ST-Link cable to open the hood of that silver board and try it ! Sadly ill fly with his stock tiny controller till i get a good tx with multi-protocol !


Tiny Whoover ? xD Following the trend


That’s really cool! How is it made and how do you control it?




Eachine E010 flight controller
Eachine Props
6mm brushed motors used *stock
Basic controller , the one coming with E010
Foam ( custom design )
HV 230 mah
Added a Wifi HD cam but ill switch to vtx/cam .

If you have a 3D printer laying around you build something more fancy . But this one is just from spare parts .

You could also use any Betaflight FC and your own RX and use channel mixing for better control .

Im about to make another one , gonna try different setup !


Thanks! So to turm left and right you use roll?


@FelineFlyer Right now , im using the original TX so no channel mixing , im only using Left Stick for Throttle / Yaw , Front motors are for lift force then back motors for direction and thrust.




I figured out how to do stick overlay without blackbox on a micro quadcopter!

Check it out!



that place looks amazing to fly at!


this is e011 silverware acro only version…


I picked up one of the tiny, cube shaped Quelima SQ12 HD action cameras and put some flights on it. Overall I think it’s really impressive given the sub $20 price point and its size and weight. It does seem very prone to some jello when flying in bright sunlight. I think if you’re flying at sunrise, dusk, or on an overcast day it wouldn’t be too much of a problem though. The picture quality seems decent with good colors and detail:

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Wow incredible flying! I had no idea that a whoop could fly like that. Would you mind sharing your silverware tune?


Tunes are here

Flash away and join the fun!!!



Thanks! I wasn’t aware of this branch of the firmware I’ll have to try it!