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My first freestyle video! x2 elf with goolrc 1104 8700kv


Well here is my longest video edit to date, hope you like metal ( Bullet For My Valentine - “Tears Don’t Fall”). There were some tears and some crashing around me… That last pack though

This is the standard Boss 7 with standard e011 motors, approximately $37 to build plus printed frame.


If any of you are considering getting into 3D printing and wondering how it might make you a better pilot- let this video by @Quad_Jake be an example to you! Try to remember while you watch his build throw down jawdropping power from a brushed craft that this craft weighs only about the same amount as your 6mm tiny whoop. Cost is low, risk of loss is low, so willingness to fly big - take risks - and learn in the process is easy to come by. This was the purpose of the boss project. Bring cheap components to the edge of their performance envelope so that we could use them as a tool to get better at what we love - flying like a boss!!!


here is me just starting to get to know the @NotFastEnuf silverware dual mode tune at this really sweet picnic park. There was a pretty steady 9mph breaze that didnt effect the performace nearly as much as i thought it would :grin:


Oh Man! You ain’t kiddin!! That’s only the tip of the iceberg! I just flew the Boss 7XL with boldclash 19kv motors, 46mm props still, and WOW… I mean, it handles like a Formula one car and survives a crash like a tank. I’ll be making a video out of the footage that makes me say that. :wink::grin:

Show us your builds!

Well, as promised, a fun little video edit of a rip session! I kept the 2 stunning impacts in this video towards the end, first one was a skinnier horizontal rail that knocked me into the snow, second one is a big pole I hit so quick and hard but the Boss just bounced off and kept on going!

for the crashs go to: NotFastEnuf "Boss Series" Brushed Frames - 3D Printable (v2 stl files post #368)


You inspired me to edit some footage too @Quad_Jake!


Another 2min Whoop montage ! Whooping is Life !


@tarkux Love the clean layout of your place! It’s perfect for whooping. :smiley:

I noticed that you were always sitting on the floor. Does this help you feel more stable than sitting on the sofa or a chair? Or does it have something to do with improving video reception?


Yea i noticed too , dunno why but for some reason i feel more comfortable sitting on the ground while im flying , especially when i fly indoor . When i fly outside i just stand still with my controller hooked to my neck like most pilot . Btw thanks for your comment @Brainstorm . Oh also , sadly after this video 1 motors broke , im gonna probably do the same i did with my other motors and replace the motors cap , put a 7x20mm motor cap on my 7x16mm motors for some reason it revive my motors :stuck_out_tongue:



Well Beta85 is my favorite right now.


Whoop face punched Steven Neutron Whaley tonight on his Livestream !


Last summer while practicing my Whooping with my old 6mm! ( Trying out new Edit style) Hope you like it

High Volume or Headphone require :smile:


I found a pretty good use for the motors from the original Babyhawk. It turns out that they work pretty well with the Emax Mini Magnum F3. This AirBlade Éclair frame is tough as nails too (as demonstrated in the video):



Not my video but i think it was interesting, if not simulation…


I wonder what the rates were on those at 25 seconds… awesome!


Well what about the fc there using lol


@mike-heli I remember when that video came out. I think this research started at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and then some of the team moved to UPenn.

The trick with this is that the quads don’t rely on internal sensors. In other words, the FC is external, not on board the quad. If you look at 5s in, you can see the cameras mounted along the upper perimeter of the lab. They are essentially scanning for the position (absolute and relative) of the quads, computing control inputs on a standalone (workstation) computer, and then sending control signals back to the quads.

That was six years ago. I haven’t really kept up. But the swarms put on by Intel (and the German company they bought) now compute everything on board each quad. However, those are much larger, and only flying outdoors. In any case, very impressive stuff!

Look up Raffaello d’Andrea. He’s the professor that led a lot of this swarm flying research. He’s got an excellent TED talk from around that time. AFAIR, he became a professor after selling his warehouse robotics company (Kiva?) to Amazon for a bazillion bucks. :wink:


Here is just a whole bundle of whooping fun i was having last weekend at my budy Bill’s man cave/shop. Chasing/proximity of a moving target is seriously awesome stuff!!

thanks for tuning up this E011 @NotFastEnuf