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Check out the Ghetto Bird by GriffonFPV


Ok first video you can see how clear for the most part but after smackig that stupid goal you can see in second video what happened, but i believe i fixed it since this post.




Lol! This is the best!


Just want to plug our friends at RotorRiot. They did a vid yesterday with a tiny whoop inside a moving van. Interesting


That was great! This boy’s got all the moves!


Quick video :slight_smile:


Epic as usual mofo !! lolll Do a Stickcam :stuck_out_tongue:


Kalman filter Feat . Notorious B.I.G

For some reason cant post my youtube video with preview …isnt bbcode ? :frowning:


First time flying outside in 2 months! :thinking:


@tarkux Video preview only works if link is to It doesn’t work with abbreviated URL.


@Brainstorm ty for info mate ! Do you mind writing the correct code ? Theres different version of bbcode . Otherwise ty again


@tarkux Simply paste in the URL. No need for any bbcode. The forum software (Discourse) will add preview automatically. Just click on pencil icon to edit your post.


Ty again @Brainstorm

Here my first drone brushless i was so stupid how i was testing my motors lolllll …about a year ago


My boring video of my first flights with a micro quad, (Betafpv 65s frame, 7x16 mmw motors, Betafpv FC BF 3.2.2 + OSD).

Been flying 5" quads for a while but this is my fist micro . Not having inertia, the wind affecting you and the braking power of this little weapons will require rewiring my brain intensively. :upside_down_face:

After watching some of your videos I can’t believe what you guys are capable of doing with these little things!!! :drooling_face: Looking forward to it!


You have the perfect place to fly a micro that’s for sure! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ripping at a school/park near my house with some light acro. And a surprise at the end resulting in a detached camera sensor…


Shoot. Sorry for the audio right in the middle, I thought I removed it…


Rinse and Repeat ! Some practice montage with my Tiny 7mm need a Boss frame asap