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Nice - here is an afternoon whoop just so we have whoopin around the clock covered!!


whats your setup things a bullet


Evening flight of not-a-whoop. Aka my first brushless build. At 88mm it’s not that much larger, but definitely largely.

This puts things in a whole new light. It’s like the difference between a whoop and an 8.5mm build all over again.

Nowhere near enough tilt on the camera, the RX and camera installation is a bit of a hackjob.
A major hackjob, really. I need to print something in TPU to hold it. Or cram a whoop canopy on here.


Nice that you slide in how close to the Pacific you are… studly! Nice to see you getting brushless, too! Lots more to play with, huh?


Dude, so much more. I’m blown away!
And yeah, I love how close I am to the pacific, makes pulling out of the driveway to go to work so much nicer! Most of what you can see there is actually the bay (not “The Bay Area” bay, but the local bay", but even so it’s lovely.

I’m already plotting build2.


It’s just an eachine e011 flashed with my own custom blend of silverware. Fastest whoop I’ve ever flown! And 4:30 flight time on stock battery.


Yep! Hang in there on that canopy request … that is next on my list. This is the first brushless frame that will have a custom fitted canopy. What height off the deck do you need to compensate for before camera space starts?




I’m not sure, I need to do some measuring and review. Rough guess, half an inch maybe. That’ll give lots of room for safety reasons.


So smooth man!


Nice flying space. … got that place all to yourself!


Alien Whoops! Here is a video of 1 of 2 AlienFlightNG F3 Whoops that will be traveling around the world to new and exotic locales. Setup is E010s frame, 4 blade stock props, 19,000 kv insane motors, BoldClash F01 AIO cam, 205mah mylipo, AlienFlightNG F3 whoop FC.

And here is a video of #2 whoop in the back yard :wink:


Some E011 acro


Flying LOS actually. Misjudged the depth. Could be the tower was battling with the camera transmitter. Like coming out of a cloud.


Holy hell I actually made davinci resolve do what I wanted it to. Only took an hour. Sheesh.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the hell out of my brushless build, here’s a video from this evening!

You can see me getting braver/stupider as the video progresses.


Get some, @Bobnova!
Your carving is coming along nicely :smiling_imp:


a lovely circuit you have there ! :smiley:


Finally got a dvr just an eachine pro dvr but it works hooked it up to my spectrum goggles and went for a quick rip on lunch I used a free editing program on my phone to make the vid so pls excuse the elevator music lol


let me know what you guys think my first quad week one (beside tiny whoops)